The best program to convert videos to any format

Working with all kinds of video files has become commonplace for most users and their computers. For this we have equipment powerful enough to work with these files and software that will be very useful. Next, we will talk about a program that allows us to adapt this multimedia content to our needs and equipment.

Right now we can use video editors, even free ones, that offer us everything we need to work with these files. We can also find some software solutions that allow us to create our own compositions through clips and photos. But in these lines we are going to talk about one of the most powerful applications in this sector and that has been with us for many years, we refer to HandBrake.

The best program to convert videos to any format

And it is that in these moments we have the possibility of capturing our own videos with a multitude of devices to later adapt them on the PC. Tasks such as editing or converting come into play here. In these lines we want to focus on the second task mentioned, for which the HandBrake application offers us all kinds of functions and thus be able to control the video conversion process to the maximum.

In fact, one of the main advantages offered by this software is that we can generate video files adapted to practically any device . We talk about mobiles, desktops, consoles and more. One of the characteristics that define this application is the possibility of adapting our own content to any device, format or type of video. This is something that we verify first-hand as soon as we run the program where we already have the possibility of dumping the content with which we are going to work.

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How HandBrake helps me with my videos

As we have told you, we have the possibility to load the content that we want to adapt or convert from the beginning. From there we find a complete user interface in which we find a multitude of customizable parameters in a single window. In this way we have the possibility of adapting the conversion and creation of new videos through HandBrake in a simple and intuitive way.

It is enough that we move between the different tabs that we find in said window to adjust the different options. Among these we find the size that we want to use for the destination video, its encoding , the FPS to use, the audio codec , the subtitles , etc. Therefore, before starting the conversion as such from here, we recommend you take a look at all the available tabs.

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Right from the beginning and in the tab called General we find a series of interesting data belonging to that video. At the same time, if we don’t want to complicate our life too much in the conversion , HandBrake offers us a series of predefined profiles. These refer to different devices so that we can convert our media content directly suitable for those products. Here we find products as well known as the Xbox , the Play or the Chromecast .

What’s more, in order to streamline these conversion processes, the program allows us to create our own personalized profiles . Thus, we will only have to access them when we load the corresponding video and convert it based on those previously established parameters. This will be very helpful to us in the event that we normally always use the same settings in the conversion of this multimedia content.