The best options to cover your entire house with Internet

Are you struggling with poor Wi-Fi coverage in your home and want to ensure seamless connectivity for all your devices? In this article, we will explore some of the best options to extend Wi-Fi range and eliminate coverage issues. While the typical solution for this problem is to use a wireless repeater, we will explain why there are other options that might be more effective.

Options to have Internet throughout the house

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Despite having a high-quality router, there will always be certain areas where the Wi-Fi signal is limited. Obstacles such as walls or distance can hinder the connection quality and speed, making it difficult to connect to devices that are far away or surrounded by obstructions.

Use a second router

One option worth considering is setting up a second router in your home to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. You can repurpose an older device that you are no longer using and connect it to your main router to create an access point that will expand your connection to other areas of your home.

However, before attempting this option, there are some factors that you need to take into account. Firstly, you will need to perform an installation, which involves connecting both routers with a network cable for better coverage. Although wireless connection is also possible in some cases, a cable connection is ideal. Additionally, it is important to ensure that both routers are compatible with each other.

Using a Wi-Fi Mesh system

Expanding your Wi-Fi coverage can also be achieved through the use of a Wi-Fi Mesh system. This is particularly useful for covering larger areas. Mesh systems consist of multiple satellites that are interconnected. Unlike a repeater, each satellite does not connect directly to the router, which enables you to extend your Wi-Fi coverage even further.

The number of satellites that you will need depends on the specific model that you choose. Some may come with only two devices, while others may have three or more. This means that you can place them in any location where you need to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. They are particularly effective for multi-story houses, as they can cover several hundred square meters.

PLC devices

To ensure seamless Internet connectivity throughout your home, you can also explore the alternative of using PLC devices. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi repeaters, these devices operate through electrical wiring, consisting of two (or three) units that are interconnected via the electrical network. You simply plug one device next to your router, and the other in a remote area of your house.

PLC devices offer a more reliable solution than Wi-Fi repeaters, as they experience minimal signal loss. Moreover, these devices typically offer both Wi-Fi and network cable connectivity options, allowing you to choose the optimal setup based on your requirements. This will enable you to effectively address any Wi-Fi coverage issues.

As outlined, these options represent the best alternatives for extending Internet coverage across your entire residence. You can choose between using a second router, a Wi-Fi Mesh system or PLC devices to suit your specific needs. Regardless of the solution you opt for, be sure to configure it appropriately and invest in high-quality, reputable equipment.