The best Marvel SNAP cheats to rank up and be victorious

It’s been a long time since a free mobile game generated as much excitement as Marvel SNAP has. The new card game from Nuverse has brought together millions of fans of the franchise and many other fans of this genre. A priori, it may seem easy to learn to play, but the truth is that there are certain tricks to improve and not lose a single game.

Surely there are a huge number of users who are completely unaware of how this kind of video game works, especially since the fact of belonging to Marvel has attracted a huge number of players. Most likely, many do not know how to handle themselves completely well when facing the games and it is precisely for this reason that we have made this publication.

best Marvel SNAP cheats

Master Marvel SNAP and become a hero

Playing Marvel SNAP seems easy at first. Many may come to think that it is only necessary to read the abilities of each character and play them in a location to gain points from the rival, but nothing is further from the truth. The truth is that there are many factors that come into play in and out of games, so staying on top of everything is essential to creating a strategy and winning as many games as possible.

Be very careful with the order of the cards

Here you have to take into account two things. The first is that there is always a player who reveals his cards first and this can cause your play not to turn out as expected. To know who is going to play their cards first, you have to look at the gold outline that surrounds the player’s name.

Orden cartas Marvel SNAP

Once you are clear about the above, the next thing you should know is that your cards will be revealed in the order in which you have played them . This means that if you have placed Carnage first (whose ability is to destroy your cards in that location and gain 2 power points for each of them) and then you place the rest, Carnage will not be able to take advantage of its function.

Check the effects of placements

Unlike other games in the genre, Marvel SNAP has three locations, each of which can have an effect on itself . For example, there are some that add or subtract power to the cards, while others only let you place a single character.

Ubicaciones Marvel SNAP

Being aware of the effects that each has is essential. This is as simple as taking a look at the text on each location and if you want to see it in more detail you can click inside to make it appear larger. Take your time and think through your move based on the locations.

Giving up a location can help you win

To win games in Marvel SNAP you need to beat your opponent’s score in two of the three locations or, in the case of a tie, your maximum points must be higher than your opponent’s. That is why you should not always focus on mastering all of them, but rather have a head and manage the game.

Victoria Marvel SNAP

In short, if you see that your rival has it a piece of cake to take a location, our advice is to give everything for the other two . For this, there are cards like Dr. Strange that can move a more powerful character to the location where you have placed the supreme sorcerer.

Create a synergy between your cards

To form a deck in Marvel SNAP you have to think carefully about the plays that you can execute in the game. The ideal is to combine the different effects of the cards in your favor, which are usually When Revealed, Continuous, Action and Neutral. You can dedicate yourself to just one or combine two of them. A good way to create your Marvel SNAP deck is to go to the Marvel Snap Zone website , where you can enter the cards you have and look up possibilities.

Efectos cartas

In my deck there are cards like Miles Morales, Vulture or Kraven that take advantage of movement effects; while Nova, Wolverine, and Sabretooth are perfect to be torn apart by Carnage. For starting players, it’s best to use Odin or Onslaught to retrigger or double Reveal or Continuous effects , respectively. Check out the characters you have at your disposal and take your time to think about how they can work with each other.

Upgrade cards to unlock more

If you want to get more cards in Marvel SNAP, you will be interested to know that there are no ways to buy them directly beyond what is included in the battle pass. At the moment, the only method to unlock characters is to improve your own and increase your collector level.

Mejorar cartas Marvel SNAP

And how do I improve my cards? You may be wondering, because the answer to your question is as simple as playing games. When a game ends, you receive 6 power-ups from a character in your deck. Be careful, this is very important, since you must have several decks to raise all of them, since the boosters are not granted to any random card that you already have. Once you reach the necessary ones for it, you will have to spend Credits to increase its quality.