The best Linux you can install today, and it’s not Ubuntu

The best Linux you can install today, and it's not Ubuntu

Although it doesn’t really take off, Linux continues year after year to stand up to Windows and position itself as the best alternative for those who end up tired of Microsoft. But Linux is not installed as such, but to do so, it is necessary to choose a “distribution”. On the net we can find hundreds of Linux distros, each one with its own characteristics and designed to cover a need. And surely one of the most familiar to us is Ubuntu. But just because it is the most popular and the best known does not mean, by far, that it is the best.

It’s been many years since Ubuntu has lost the title of best Linux distro. It’s still a great option for first-time users, but it’s no longer as pure and accessible as other systems can be. And we can see proof of that by searching for the most searched Linux in DistroWatch, one of the largest databases of Linux distributions. And, in it, we can see a clear leader in the last 4 years: MX Linux .

MX Linux 21

What MX Linux offers us

MX Linux is one of the best Linux distribution based on Debian. This system absolutely takes care of all aspects of the system and is characterized, above all, by listening and taking its user community very much into account. To begin with, when installing it we can find 3 different desktops:

  • XFCE: The default desktop for users who want something fast and light, without the frills.
  • KDE Plasma: for users looking for something much more complete, elegant and visual.
  • Fluxbox: For those who want something fancy without sacrificing resources.

MX Linux 21

This distro also has a large number of applications installed by default with which we can perfectly manage our system. One of the applications that stands out the most in this regard is MX Package , the package manager from which we can both install new packages on the system and easily change the Kernel. Another great pre-installed tool is ” Nvidia Driver Installer “, essential if you have an NVIDIA graphics card. We will also find programs installed by default, such as Firefox, VLC and LibreOffice with which we can start working with this Linux as soon as we install it.

Although it depends a lot on the desktop that we install, the MX Linux developers have also worked to make the interface of this distro as similar to Windows as possible. In this way, users who are afraid of change will feel at home and will be able to defend themselves with it without problems.

Meet its new version 21.2

A few days ago, the MX Linux developers released a new version of this distro, the new 21.2. This is not as big of an update as 21 was a year ago. However, it is an important update that shows, once again, that it is still the best distro.

The main changes that we will find in this edition are:

  • New AHS (Advanced Hardware Support) edition with Kernel 5.18.
  • The whole system is based on Debian 11.4 “Bullseye”.
  • MX Tweak allows you to turn Bluetooth on and off.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Improvements in cleaning the hard drive.
  • Check available space before installing packages or a new Kernel.