The best HBO Max series you must have seen in 2022

The return of Game of Thrones was marked in red as one of the most anticipated of the year, but it is not the only series that has joined a catalog that continues to grow and offer excellent options. If you want to catch up, these are some of the best HBO Max series in 2022 that you shouldn’t miss and that you have time to see if you want to catch up with the greatest hits of the year.

New series, returns or spin-offs and other options among the best HBO Max series in 2022 and the best premieres of the last twelve months.

best HBO Max series you must have seen in 2022

the house of the dragon

Prequel to the famous Game of Thrones series and eagerly awaited by all its fans. Without a doubt one of the best series on HBO Max. In August 2022, the new series set in the lands of Westeros, La Casa del Dragón, was released. In this case, we are located 200 years before the events we saw in Game of Thrones to now better understand the ins and outs of the Targaryen house. The Targaryen family escape from Valyria before its destruction, settling on Dragonstone to conquer Westeros.

It has become one of the most watched and commented series and one of the best series of the year if we are looking for fantasy, action or something that everyone has been talking about for months.

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Irma Vep

If you are looking for a drama series, Irma Vep is among the best HBO series in 2022. After breaking up with her partner, Mira (Alicia Vikander), a young American actress, finds herself in the worst moment of her life . For this reason, he decides to turn it around by moving to France, where he gets a role playing Irma Vep. What Mira doesn’t know is that her obsession with the character will make her life begin to mix with it.

A miniseries of 8 episodes of approximately one hour that we will enjoy if we want to fully immerse ourselves in an intelligent reflection on cinema and its ins and outs.

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The city is our

Created by David Simon, “The City Is Ours” became one of the most anticipated series of the year. With a single season of six episodes, but this series, based on Justin Fenton’s novel, takes us back to the suburbs and has become one of the best HBO Max series in 2022, also being one of the most anticipated premieres.

It all begins with the suspicious death of Freddie Gray, who, after his investigation, uncovers a plot of corruption, politics and crime in the Baltimore Police Department, turning the city upside down. This short but intense police series will immerse you fully in the world of corruption and politics and will be a good option if you are looking for a miniseries that you can watch in a weekend with Simon’s infallible seal of quality.

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Tokyo Vice

For lovers of Japanese culture, Tokyo Vice delves into one of its lesser-known topics: the Japanese mafia, also known as the Yakuza. As shown in his memoirs, the American journalist Jake Adelstein gets a job at an important newspaper in the Japanese capital, becoming the first gaijin (foreigner in Japanese culture) to work for it.

He will make a name for himself working on a dangerous project , as he ends up investigating the shadowy world of the mafia and the dangerous criminals who control it, under the supervision of a veteran city detective. He will use leaks from both sides and put his life in danger to prove that he is the best journalist in the newspaper.

Victory Time: The Lakers Dynasty

Even if basketball is not your thing, surely you know who the Los Angeles Lakers are. Yellow and purple, passion on the track, a hobby that carries the team on the wings. Victory Time: The Lakers Dynasty tells the story of how the Los Angeles team became the most successful basketball team of the 1980s.

A 10-episode miniseries that immerses us in the world of the NBA, following the personal and professional lives of the members of the Los Angeles team. A docuseries that is essential for any basketball lover and that reveals all kinds of secrets and curiosities through unpublished content and images of this group that managed to become immortal in sports history books.

The Peacemaker

Based on the character from the DC comics, comes this character who, between touches of humor and violence, will seek peace by all means. As he did in The Suicide Squad, Jon Cena gives life to Peacemaker, Christopher Smith’s alter ego. He is a pacifist, the son of a Nazi death camp commander, who fights against warlords.

If you like superheroes and action series , this fun and entertaining series from the DC Universe currently has 2 seasons of 8 episodes each and is one of the best series you can see on HBO Max, released this 2022 on the platform.

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the golden age

In the 19th century, more specifically in the year 1882, is the time in which this series takes place. If you liked Downton Abbey, you should not miss this HBO Max series. A period drama in which the wars between families of high social status will not leave you indifferent. There are many fans of this genre, who, with series like Los Bridgertons or Downton Abbey, have managed to leave more than one hooked. If you’re one of them, The Golden Age is another huge hit and one of HBO’s best series.

We will be able to see the story of the young Marian Brook, who, after the death of her father, moves to New York to live with her aunts. Marian finds herself embroiled in a social battle between everyone around her, living in a world of wealth, ambition, and envy.

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conversations between friends

Like “Normal People”, “Conversations Between Friends” is based on the novel of the same name by Sally Rooney. In this case, the story of Frances and Bobbi follows… They are an ex-partner but close and inseparable friends.

These young students from Berlin meet a couple older than them. They will meet Melissa, a writer, and her husband Nick, an attractive actor, with whom they will begin a peculiar relationship. A story based on Sally Rooney’s novel about the most bohemian Ireland and that deals with themes of free love and open relationships.

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How to fck it all

One of the best Spanish series to watch on HBO Max revolves around Alba, a young student who has trouble adjusting to her new institute. After the end-of-year trip was cancelled, the opportunity to leave home vanished for Alba.

But everything takes a turn when he learns the plan of his classmates: to make his parents believe that the trip is still on and thus manage to escape on a three-week trip on the road and without direction. A series of institute, adventures and love that you can see with your subscription to HBO Max.

The Staircase

Based on the famous case of Michael Peterson, who became so popular in the media that he managed to sell several books and a docuseries. Michael Peterson (Colin Firth), a famous writer who is grieved by the death of his wife when she fell down the stairs, has been accused of being guilty of the murder. This true crime based on real events addresses the different versions of justice, public prosecution and the impact that the judicial system had on Michael Peterson. Starring Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Parker Posey and Sophie Turner among others, it becomes one of the best series to watch on the platform.

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new seasons

Beyond the new series, premieres of new seasons that have become essential in this 2022.


If you’re looking for a comedy series, Hacks might be what you’re looking for. Another of the best series to watch on HBO premieres its second season. A short series that you can see in a short time. Deborah Vance seeks to return to what she was in her youth, since this professional comedian is not going through her best moment. To do this, he gets in touch with Ava, a young writer who will reluctantly try to improve his monologues.

Better Things

New season of this dramatic comedy in which Sam, a single mother who, in addition to raising her three daughters in a somewhat twisted family environment, must make time for her career as an actress and her social life. Created by Louise CK and Pamela Adlon, HBO Max premieres its fifth season consisting of 10 episodes.


Euphoria premieres its second season in 2022 and is one of the most anticipated series by its fans. Rue is a teenager who comes out of a detoxification center, following an aimless life, she will let herself be advised by her closest friends.

This dramatic series deals with the most recurring adolescent themes such as drugs, identity problems, sex, love and social networks. With an enviable cast with Zendaya as one of its protagonists, it becomes one of the best series to watch on HBO.

What we do in the shadows

Hilarious vampire series that premieres its fourth season on the platform and that follows the story of the three vampires Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja, who live on the same floor with their respective servants . With all kinds of special effects and tons of fun moments, you’ll be able to follow this long-awaited fourth season on HBO Max.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Long-awaited season of one of the best HBO series. The fifth season of this series, based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, premiered its first chapter on September 14. June, already out of Gilead, must find the means to recover her daughter, still in the hands of the commanders of the country from which she has escaped. In addition, he will continue his rebellion to see Gilead crumble before the eyes of the whole world. Without a doubt, one of the best HBO series with a plot that will hook you from minute one and with which you can catch up if you haven’t seen the previous seasons.

killing eve

One of the series that everyone is talking about, with a large number of followers waiting for the premiere of the fourth season, continues with the hunt for the mouse between these two women. So addictive with its action scenes, humor and intelligent dialogues, that it is far from being the usual search and capture plot between two opposing sides. A brilliant series starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer that has had great expectations in its new season on HBO Max.