The best free online libraries for 3D printers

Writing a text on a computer is a very easy task that everyone reaches, editing an image is something more complex that requires additional knowledge, but it is within everyone’s reach. In contrast, modeling an object in 3D requires a much steeper learning curve. Well, this is one of the things that limits the adoption of 3D printing at the home and small business level. This is where online 3D printer libraries come into play. Let’s see which ones are the best.

The fact of using models already built by third parties should not be something to be ashamed of, even professionals use standard models as a base and then modify them to their liking and get a new derivative work. Other times it is due to the fact that we need to print a generic part that we do not want to waste time modeling. That is why we have compiled the best websites where we can find models for our 3D printer of all kinds.

The best free online libraries for 3D printers

Types of websites with models to print in 3D

There are three types of web pages where we can find models to be able to print in 3D and it is important to know the difference between them.

  • First of all, we have the repositories that usually have free models to use. In many cases these have a clause that they are not for commercial use, so you will not be able to sell them and make money with them. Although you can create a derivative work of them if you have enough knowledge. The good thing is that they are usually free models and, therefore, you will not have to pay for them.
  • The second type are similar to the first, but what they contain are generic 3D models and scenes for use in applications such as video games. If you search for files with extensions like “STL” you will find models already prepared for 3D printing. In passing we will remember that the use of a 3D printer requires the slicing process that prepares the model to be printed in 3D.
  • To finish we have the marketplace . Which are websites where creators upload their designs to sell or offer them for free. They have the advantage not only of having a good collection of models available, since deep down they are also repositories. Its main advantage? The ability to get in touch with creators to ask them for custom designs.

What are the best online libraries for 3D printers?

Now, the best website you can find is Thingiverse , which is totally oriented to 3D design and is a repository that has many years behind it. Inside you will find countless models with instructions to print them and even tile designs to combine designs with each other to create more complex compositions.

On the other hand, if what we are looking for is a marketplace, then MyMiniFactory is the ideal option, especially if we have a 3D printer that uses resin. The reason? It has a large number of models that are ideal for board games with miniatures. If, instead, you are looking for decorative objects and jewelry, then one option is Cults . Which will also allow you to upload your designs for jewelry and capitalize on them in the event that you dedicate yourself to the creation of this type of pieces. Lastly, we have TurboSquid , which is not intended for 3D printing and is a more generic repository. So technically it is not an online library for 3D printers. Although you can find some models that are prepared to be printed in 3D directly.