The Best CPU Heatsinks of 2019

Appointed dates arrive and we are in the middle of Christmas, so now more than ever the gifts come and go. It is possible that we want to treat ourselves or that we have thought of a friend / family member with temperature problems on their PC , so a heatsink would be perfect at this time, already with a view to taking advantage of it for spring and summer. Therefore, today we bring you the best heatsinks of this 2019 to give away for Christmas.

Noctua NH-U12S Chromax.Black


The latest version of Noctua comes to us with the black finish, something very sought after by many users who always try to add some sobriety to their system.

We are facing a single tower heatsink with cold plate and 5 heatpipes that includes an NF-F12 fan (also in black color) with anti-vibration panels and endless customization possibilities thanks to the chromax line.

Noctua NH-U12A


Noctua’s beast for single tower, currently unbeaten in combat. And it is because in a heatsink of very restrained width, it manages to include 7 heatpipes with coldplate . They help two high performance A12x25 , being the best fans of the brand today.

It really is a heatsink prodigy and no doubt Noctua’s masterpiece.

CRYORIG R1 Ultimate


It is one of those heatsinks that has earned people’s affection and user admiration for competing with much larger brands. It has a double tower design with 7 heatpipes that have been folded in a very particular way to allow the use of high profile memories.

It includes a standard 14 cm double fan and is capable of working with processors up to 250 watts.

SCYTHE Fuma 2 SCFM-2000


The renewed commitment of the brand to compete in the high range providing a plus in terms of price. Its characteristics are not as high as some rivals, but its price is clearly lower compared to TOPs models.

It is a double tower fan, which are crossed by 6 6mm heatpipes , to which two 12 cm fans and high static pressure must be added. As in the case of CRYORIG , the heatpipes have been curved so that the front tower is almost vertical to the coldplate, all to favor its use with large memories.

Phanteks TC14 Premium Edition


The best of Phanteks wants to be in the high range without neglecting a good price. For this, it integrates a cold plate with 5 6mm heatpipes that pass through a double tower system.

Its fin system allows a better air flow when its thickness is reduced and the distance between them is enlarged, which helps its two 14 cm fans in terms of the air flow between the bodies.

ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR


With eight impressive heatpipes in direct contact with the die, this beast of a size more than considerable is only suitable for heatsinks with sTRX4 or sTR4 socket , that is, for Threadripper. It is not in vain that he has to enter this list because we witnessed what he is able to achieve with our 2950X 16-core .

It carries two fans, one of 12 cm on its front and another of 14 cm between the middle of its two towers, in addition, it is one of the few that integrates an A-RGB LED system.

Noctua NH-D15

The new Noctua variant for users who were not satisfied with the brand’s traditional colors. It integrates two 14 cm NF-A15 PWM fans, 6 6 mm heatpipes and a design compatible with large RAM modules.

We will not discover its thermal performance now, just say that it has already received more than 300 awards.

BeQuiet! Dar Rock 4 Pro


The bet of another giant of refrigeration also goes through a system of double tower very worked, since the bodies integrate a system of patented fins that improves the passage of the internal air flow.

As if that were not enough, it manages to include 7 heatpipes with cold plate , a 12 cm fan next to another of 14 cm and central, as well as an upper cover that hides the heatpipes and the upper body of the heatsink, providing both aesthetics and a better flow of air.

Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT


Thermalright is the only major manufacturer that has opted for a completely different system from the others, and judging by the performance it grants, it is very cleverly designed. It integrates 7 6mm heatpipes in a single, dense body, which is shifted to the side, leaving the center of gravity far away from the cold plate, but wonderfully compensated by the total weight.

Its fan is the most valued TY 147B , where in turn it is news, since it only includes one of them in this model, which is not a problem due to the immense distance between fins that houses this heatsink, which, next to the system center of the distribution of the flow, it is more than enough with only 1,300 RPM to dissipate 280 watts , nothing more to add …

Cooler Master MA620M


It is the last to reach the market and therefore brings a series of novelties. Starting with its latest-generation SF120R fan , which, although not yet analyzed, promises performance at the height of the best fans on the market.

It includes a double tower system with 6 6mm heatpipes, where said fan is located in the center of them. The most curious thing can be the anchoring system, since to screw it we will have to literally go through each body of the heatsink, very curious without a doubt.