The best cat games on mobile

The best cat games on mobile

Sometimes it is difficult to find games that your cat loves and there are many times when you give him an expensive gift and he prefers the box it came in or ignores it. Sometimes you will be lucky and he will have a great time, but he will look for new emotions.

With mobile cat games there are no risks. If they like it, they will enjoy it a lot and if not, it is enough for you to install a new one among all those that we are going to propose. Hopefully you will like all of them and they will provide you with endless hours of fun. It’s important to keep them active and tire them out so they don’t interrupt your nightly sleep because they’re too awake.

CAT ALONE, to catch objects and insects

cat alone app

This is a game for cats that your pet will love, since you only have to install it and turn up the brightness of your mobile. The game consists of catching objects and insects. It has 8 different screens with adapted sounds and very bright graphics.

The laser pointer is a classic, but you can also go for a fly, ladybug, finger, butterfly, lizard, cockroach or larvae. The classic laser pointer has evolved to the point that you can have many more applications with just your mobile.

Meow, various games and sounds for cats

meow app

This is a game that your cat may or may not like, but it’s worth trying. It is a pity that it is not updated much. They are cat games and cat sounds to keep your pet active. You can choose the game mode you want for your cat to chase mice, lizards, spiders, the laser pointer or more. You will have to choose the one that interests you the most and then you will be able to do tests with it, between the speed of the objects or the number of them on the screen.

Every time your pet catches an object it will disappear from the screen. It also has background music, with which you can also entertain your pets. Install it and test its reactions. The bad thing, as in other free games, is the advertising.

Mouse simulator, to catch the running mouse

mouse simulator app

This is a simple app for your mobile that consists of a mouse running around your phone and eating cheese . It is the opportunity for your cat to bring out its hunting instinct trying to catch it and get hold of its prey. You will have a great time trying to find the mouse.

It’s a long-standing game that has been recently updated and continues to be a hit with the feline community, so feel free to try it out with your cat.

Cat Fishing 2, where you will fish at ease

cat fishing 2 app

This is an app with which your cat can enjoy their game time fishing in the pond and earning points. It has special sounds to keep their interest and schools of fish to keep them having a great time. It has many ways to play, with the ability to customize the game and save the settings of the cat.

You will have to place your mobile on a flat surface near the cat and start playing to see how much fun it has. It has 10 different fish and pond options .

Games for cats, up to 9 fun options

juegos para gatos app

This is a safe game with no ads or in-game purchases where you will have 9 games specially designed for your furry. Specifically, they are the following, designed so that your pet finds some that they like and with which to have a terrifying time.

  • cat laser toy
  • cat toy mouse
  • Cat’s paw
  • Game of moles for cats
  • catch the fly
  • Pop the bubbles
  • finger play
  • mixed games

In iOS you also have various games for cats.