The best apps to take original and organized notes

Taking notes on paper hasn’t been the most common for a long time, but there are many different options for taking notes in mobile or tablet applications. Applications to take notes on the phone that will allow us to add colors, schemes, drawings and shapes to everything that we write in the notes.

If you want to take original and organized notes, you can download these applications for your mobile phone with which you will become a professional of notes and study and all your classmates will ask you for the lessons.

best apps to take original and organized notes


Noteshelf is an application that we can use for Android or iOS if you want to take notes on a tablet. Worse we will have to pay for it. In return, we have all kinds of options to get notes with an excellent design… Drawings, tools with which to take notes and writing tools such as highlighters, colors, pens or different different textures that we can apply.

Noteshelf is one of the best applications that we can use to take notes and it is compatible with Android and iOS tablets as well as being able to use it on a Mac if you want to send the notes to the computer once we have collected them. In addition, it is also compatible with files such as PDF that we can edit or underline directly from the application to add important details.


Good Notes 5

Another of the best options if you are looking for note-taking apps is GoodNotes 5 available for iOS and one of the favorites of studygrammers and other influencers. Nice and careful notes in a paid application that we can use on iPhone and iPad for a price of around eight dollars, approximately. In addition, it is compatible with Apple Pencil if we use it on the iPad, so we can take notes easily and comfortably.

We can choose between different types of documents, change colors, add shapes, add photos, draw by hand and much more. And the documents will be synchronized between devices in which we have the application.



We can also use Notability for iOS, with a version that also allows us to connect to Mac computers. A note editor that is compatible with the main file formats such as PDF, DOC or PPT and that has cloud synchronization with Google Drive, with AirDrop, with Dropbox and other storage services so we can save notes or edit them from here.

Developer: Ginger Labs

Like the rest of the apps, we have to pay and it has a price of about two euros. It is also compatible with Apple Pencil, like other of the note-taking apps that you can use and that you can use to collect all the information.



Simplenote is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems… It is compatible with Android, for iOS, for Windows, for Mac, for Linux. It’s free, you don’t have to pay anything. It is easy, eye-catching and one of the most complete options.

Developer: Automattic

You can add notes, underline it, put all kinds of colors, mark labels, add options as favorites. You can take simple notes and synchronize them between devices easily and share with other users if we want to share notes with classmates or friends.