The best apps to compress video on Android

We may not be used to recording videos with the mobile and we know how much they can occupy. Or, also, it may be the case that we have different clips that our contacts send us. So the Android smartphone memory is getting low, but still you don’t want to get rid of them. If that is what is happening to you, your best option will be to use an app to compress video.

Within the Android mobile application store, Google Play, we find different options, each one more interesting than the previous one. Therefore, there will be no problem finding the app that suits your needs. Even, it will be difficult for you to choose between all the software tools that you will have available. In addition to the fact that, for the most part, we will find totally free applications. To make it easier for you, we will leave you the five best applications to compress video from your smartphone.

The best apps to compress video on Android

Video Compressor: Fast

One of the first alternatives that we find within Google Play is this app developed by Mobileldea Studio. It has more than 10 million downloads and, that is, precisely for a reason. This software will allow us to quickly compress the video that we want to an MP4 file.

Although, it also hides another series of functions inside, such as extracting the audio from a clip, cutting videos, etc. We will even have the good fortune to be able to retouch the video resolution so that, in this way, it takes up even less space in the internal or external memory of the Android phone.

Compresor vídeo app

Panda Video Compressor

Let’s go with another of the most used tools by those users who want the clips they have on their Android phones to weigh even less than what they were doing up to that moment. The good thing about this app is that its interface is very simple, so you’ll barely understand how it works.

Within all its features, it allows us to compress all the videos we want and even share it immediately on our social networks. Among the options that it offers us we find that we can change the format or the size of the clip (SD, HD, FHD, UHD, 4K).

App Panda comprimir vídeo

Resize Video

This third alternative that we find completely free on Google Play also offers us all kinds of features. Although, it is clear that the most important will be to greatly reduce the size and weight of the video file that we have on the smartphone.

Like the previous option, this is an application to edit videos that has a fairly simple interface. Not only can we compress the videos in different sizes, but it also gives us functions to trim the clip or add more, increase or reduce the frame rate , etc.

Aplicación Android Resize Video

Video Compressor -Compact Video

This free app from Google Play has all kinds of formats that we can choose from: MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MTS, MPEG, MPG, WMV, M4V, MOV, VOB. In addition, it has a series of features that make it one of the best options within the entire catalog of Android applications that we can use to edit videos.

Not only can we choose the X264 and X265 codec for file compression, but we can also choose the speed of the compression process, a custom resolution or even the option to compress the video while maintaining the original quality at all times .

App compresor video Android

Compress video and photo

Finally, we are going with one of the least downloaded options on this list, although it does not mean that it is not as useful and good as the previous alternatives. And it is that, this Android application will not only allow us to compress videos, but it also gives us the possibility of doing the same in the images that we have on the smartphone.

This software supports almost all video formats : mp4, avi, mkv, flv, rmvb, 3gp, mpeg, wmv, mov. In addition to that, it will let us choose the quality that we want in the clip at all times. In this way, we will be lucky enough to be able to greatly reduce the space it occupies in the device’s memory.

App Android Comprimir vídeo y foto