The 3 commandments in mobile gaming: what you should not miss

Today, the market is full of smartphones that have outstanding power to play all kinds of titles. However, you do not always have to look at performance, since there are other sections that turn your device into a true gaming mobile and that you should take into account if you are passionate about video games.

When choosing a new phone to play on, multiple factors must be taken into account to get the most out of the game’s graphic conditions and enjoy a comfortable and pleasant activity. That is why we have prepared the 3 commandments that every terminal designed for this task must comply with obligatorily.

3 commandments in mobile gaming

The dream mobile gaming

Genshin Impact, Need for Speed, Pokémon Unite, Call of Duty: Mobile… there are more and more games that you can find in your device’s app store and that boast high-level graphic quality. Likewise, the number of professional players has not stopped increasing in recent years. So it is essential to have a good gaming mobile with guarantees to give everything in your sessions and with these 3 characteristics you have it insured.

Retractable triggers for added comfort

One of the main assets of the most advanced gaming smartphones is that they incorporate retractable triggers on the sides to play comfortably horizontally. In this way, in video games like Call of Duty it is not necessary to go to the screen to shoot or aim , but simply press these buttons.

gatillos jugar móvil

This translates into greater speed when executing actions , which gives us a certain advantage over the opponent if he depends on the tactile capacity of the screen. An addition that the most gamers will greatly appreciate.

A screen with instant touch response

When we look for a gaming mobile, the screen is a determining quality, since it must show the content in a clear, bright and always visible way to play under any circumstance. However, you also have to look at the touch frequency of the panel, that is, the speed at which it responds to our touches.

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The ideal in a phone with these characteristics is that it reaches 480 Hz . In this way, the game will act instantly on keystrokes, guaranteeing a few extra milliseconds that can be vital in games like Call of Duty, where reflexes are important.

Lightning fast charging

Technological advances have led to the existence of mobile phones that can be charged even in 15 minutes, such as the Xiaomi 12T Pro . Extreme speeds that will allow you to play again as soon as possible without waiting for practically nothing together with a long autonomy whose standard reaches 5,000 mAh.

Carga rápida

Most of the terminals that are designed to play games have a fast charge of at least 80W , although nowadays it is very common to find 120W options. Now that you know what should not be missing in your next gaming mobile, it is time to start your search to find the perfect alternative.