The 10 best-selling Nintendo consoles in history

The best-known company in the video game sector of all time is responsible for the launch of some of the best-selling consoles in history , but do you know exactly which are the ten most successful in the world? Below you have the answer.

Great consoles for generations

The best retro Nintendo and SEGA consoles

The Japanese company has been one of the few that has known how to play all the sticks within the industry and hit again and again with each new generation. From desktop consoles to laptops, going through hybrids as is the case with his latest success, Switch. And it is to be celebrated that, despite the years and decades that have passed, it continues to rule the world of video games in the way it does.

With nothing more to add, let’s start with this select top…


A mythical console that introduced many to the world of gaming . With titles like Luigi’s Mansion , Super Mario Sunshine , Legend of Zelda Windwaker or Resident Evil 4 , it managed to sell 21.74 million units worldwide.

9. Nintendo 64

One of the most remembered consoles of the 90s, it incorporated 3D into many franchises, and we enjoyed authentic masterpieces such as Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask, Sold a total of 32.93 millions of consoles around the globe.

8. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

As you may have noticed, the vast majority of the company’s consoles are quite legendary. This is the one that saw the birth of many of the most mythical sagas of the company and in Spain it had the nickname of “The Brain of the Beast”. No wonder it sold 49.10 million worldwide.

7. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

The company’s first console is responsible for the 1985 revival of the market as we know it today. The cultural impact of this machine is legendary and perhaps that is why it boasts truly superb sales figures: 61.91 million units worldwide.

6. Nintendo 3DS

The first portable console that you will see in the ranking , and not exactly the last. In this case, for the first time we had a model with a 3D screen without the need for glasses, although at the end of the generation Nintendo eliminated them, leaving only the 2DS models. In sales it managed to reach 75.94 million units.

5.Game Boy Advance

This Nintendo console was one of those that could not be missing in any recreation of the first decade of the 2000s. We owe the explosion and definitive consolidation of the giant that is currently Pokémon to this laptop, and its 81.51 million consoles. sold show it.

4. Nintendo Wii

Without a doubt, this console launched more than 15 years ago (god, how old we are) was ahead of its time. With what games that require movement now succeed, surely today it would have exceeded the 101.65 units sold that it reached in its day. And that was already a global phenomenon practically.

3.Game Boy

The first laptop as such, with interchangeable games and quality in its video games, was decisive in the industry as an engine for the development of countless studies that worked for it. He managed to sell a total of 118.69 million consoles in his day. That’s a lot of Game Boy.

2. Nintendo Switch

The reason why we say that Nintendo is the queen of consoles. We do not know which Japanese executive came up with the idea of mixing a desktop console with a portable one (Wii U was about to do it), but without a doubt those 121.83 million copies sold (in March 2023) are the proof. that it was all a success. And wait, she still has a lot of rope left so she could place first…

1. Nintendo DS

And the company’s best-seller is its portable console, a tribute to the old Game & Watch from the 80s. It introduced a very useful touch screen that multiplied the types of games it could play, and proof of this is that for many years it became the parent, child and grandparent bedside console. In sales it was a success with 154.02 million units sold.