Taking your WhatsApp to a new mobile will be easier with this new function

Among the instant messaging applications that we can use right now on our mobile or even on the PC, WhatsApp is the most popular. In addition, its developers do not stop sending new functional and security features to improve the platform, as we will see now.

It must be taken into account that this is an application that is currently installed in most mobile terminals . Both the youngest and the adult users use this useful tool in both professional and personal settings. That is precisely why its top managers try to take maximum care of the application’s user experience.

Taking your WhatsApp to a new mobile

For this, they are constantly developing and researching new functions to cover current needs and ensure their use. And it is that we must take into account that many attackers also try to get hold of the data that we transmit here. Partly because WhatsApp is aimed at all types of users, with more or less technological knowledge or ease with the mobile, they always try to make things easier for us. This is something that, for example, we are going to see next with a new function that is being tested.

And it is that when we sign up for a new WhatsApp account , or change our mobile number, we have to verify it. The truth is that to date this is a process that sometimes became a real nuisance in which we took longer than desired. Until now we had two verification methods for our WhatsApp account. The first of them was based on receiving a text message via SMS, while the second was a call that we also received on our mobile.

Verifying your WhatsApp account will now be easier

However, it is possible that many of you have experienced the unpleasant situation that this message or call never arrived. We had to wait several hours before we could start using the instant messaging application on our mobile. Perhaps this problem was caused by some failure in the coverage that we had at that moment. Now the application developers are going to offer us a third system to verify our account much faster and easier.

whatsapp verificar

In fact, for all this we are only going to need the mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection to verify the account. Specifically, we are referring to a new method to receive a 6-digit code that could save us those headaches in this task. It must be taken into account that the WhatsApp account verification system when we register the app on a mobile is automatic. Basically this is done to confirm that the phone number we are trying to associate with WhatsApp is ours.

In turn, we could consider this as a security system since it protects us from other people wanting to take control of the account. Well, to make this process more bearable and effective, now the WhatsApp team is working on a third verification option. This third method that we refer to is based on receiving a six-digit code in the app.

The arrival of this functionality is expected to avoid annoying waiting for the SMS or the call to verify our account . This is something that is currently being tested in the Beta of the application and that it is expected to reach the entire world shortly.