How to sync your iPhone with a Windows PC without iTunes

It is likely that you have ever heard of the Apple ecosystem, and it is that one of the most prominent facets of this term is to have a full automatic synchronization between devices. If you have an iPhone, but you don’t have a Mac, don’t worry. In this post we will show you how to synchronize an iPhone with a Windows computer. All this without using iTunes , a program that does not work as well as we would like in this operating system.

Synchronize an iPhone with Windows through the iCloud website

It is true that a Windows computer does not synchronize as automatically as a Mac, but luckily we have tools offered by Apple so that in the PC operating system we can also handle what is related to our iPhone or iPad. One of my favorite options is that of the iCloud website, from which you can perform multiple tasks.

web icloud windows iphone

From your browser you can access this web page, and after entering your Apple ID and password you will see that a panel appears on the screen where you will have access to different settings and applications that you have on your iPhone. If for example you want to check the emails you have in your account registered in Mail, you can do so. You can also access your photos, contact list, view calendar events and even read, edit or delete notes.

One of the most interesting features is that of iCloud Drive, which is Apple’s cloud storage service that you can access from all of the brand’s devices and, as you see, also from others such as a PC. This is useful for file management when, for example, you want to pass a heavy file from the iPhone to the computer and vice versa.

On the other hand, you will also have access to the Search app, in which you can locate your Apple devices in case you lose them or think they could have been stolen. The last interesting option is the Settings section of the account , in which you can make changes to the password of your Apple ID, see the serial number of your devices or restore files, contacts and calendars.

The iCloud application for Windows

An Apple application on Windows? Is that possible? Yes, and in reality it is not the only application that the Cupertino company has for this operating system, but it is the only one that interests us for what concerns us now. We have to emphasize that, from the experience of this writing, we believe that the web is one of the best methods of synchronization of iPhone and Windows, but we cannot miss the application.

aplicación icloud windows

Once you download the iCloud application for Windows from the Apple website , you have installed and configured it, you will see how it allows you to synchronize Microsoft Edge bookmarks, mail, photos and files from iCloud Drive. The iCloud Drive option arouses interest again, for which a shared folder will be created on your computer in which you will be able to access all the files that you have stored in the Apple cloud. Also the photos are synchronized in a similar way, although you will not have access to those photos of your iPhone that are not uploaded to iCloud.

As we said before, we believe that there is a better variety of options and fluidity through the web, since the application does not offer all the tools of this and synchronization can be somewhat slow at times. Therefore, unless you are very curious to try it, we recommend you save the installation of this application and always turn to the website.