SUP3R5: Black PlayStation 5 Canceled Due to Lack of Stock

The beautiful and attractive black PlayStation 5 that dazzled many users has been canceled as many of us suspected. The company behind the launch of this spectacular model, SUP3R5, has been forced to cancel all orders, starting an immediate returns period.

There will be no unofficial black PS5

SUP3R5: Black PlayStation 5 Canceled

The play seemed to be the following: SUP3R5 would buy a large number of PS5 to modify them aesthetically and leave them as they had shown on their website, also including a matching DualSense that kept the dark aesthetic and the PlayStation logo in the purest style classic from the first PlayStation. But things must not have gone as expected.

Considering the very limited availability of the new Sony console, it was to be expected that the SUP3R5 people were going to have a very difficult time. The proposed model was spectacular, and many users (more than 300) fell in love with the design, immediately paying the 650 and 750 dollars that the brand asked for the digital and Blu-ray drive models respectively.

A cursed stock

But the days passed and users did not receive anything. And of course, the party was mounted. The tension among those affected increased so much that apparently many users began to send serious threats to the company, immediately asking for their money back or, otherwise, they were going to have for their safety, as the company itself has pointed out .

Wrapped up in such a situation, and pressured by users, SUP3R5 has immediately canceled all orders and confirmed the full refund of all payments made for all orders. Some users claim that they have not received the money yet, but we imagine that it will be a matter of time for the return to be completed.

Has it been canceled?

At the moment the project is on hold. Not being able to ensure the availability of the product yet (neither they, nor any other store), for now the launch of this peculiar black PS5 with retro finishes will be postponed until further notice. They wanted to make it clear that the project is not canceled, although after all the events that have happened, we will see if they manage to garner the same attention and the same interest in their product.

And it is that it was a bad product, but when users go in droves, some understanding is usually lost by the seller. And yes, maybe SUP3R5 should have been more transparent and should have offered more solutions after seeing that the situation was dragging on longer than anyone could imagine. And is that today we still have no available stock of PlayStation 5 around the world, so forget about mods and cool cases , since not even the original version is available to anyone.