Straps for Fitbit Versa that Are Cheap and Good Quality

One of the best smartwatches out there today are the Fitbit Versa . If you have one of these models you may want to change the look of something that is possible to achieve by using compatible straps. We show options that are interesting for their good quality since it has a very attractive price.

The wearable accessory we are talking about has many virtues , such as offering a fairly accurate recognition of sports activity and, also, the possibility of making mobile payments. Therefore, the straps that are chosen to change the original that arrive with the Fitbit Versa should not hinder them at all (the ones we will show are like this, so their usefulness is complete).

Straps for Fitbit Versa

Compatibility, key in these Fitbit Versa straps

This is completely basic , since if you are not sure you can have a bad experience since what you buy will be of no use. Generally, accessories that offer compatibility with Fitbit Versa also offer the same with the second generation of the smartwatch. But it is important to review the information that is indicated on each product since in that place you can check if it is the model you can use.

Another key feature is to check that the closing system is as secure as possible. Ideally, this should be a buckle type, since they are the most complete in general and their handling is very simple. Other possibilities are the so-called butterfly ones (which are usually included in the straps that are metallic). If any other possibility is included, such as the button type, it should be very clear that its reliability is lower.

Materials and use of accessories

The former are varied and the use that will be given to the strap that is purchased depends largely on them. Thus, for example, accessories finished in silicone are the ones that are perfect for doing sports since they are resistant and, then, there are fabric or leather models that allow a much more attractive touch to the Fitbit Versa.

Uso correa deportiva para Fitbit Versa

There is no shortage of options that use metal , these are somewhat more particular since their quality is higher and, in general, they do not have problems due to intensive use since their resistance (even to sweat) is very high.

Purchases that you should always keep in mind

We leave a list in which you can find different purchase options, we divide them by usability , which has the attraction of being cheap and for offering excellent compatibility with Fitbit Versa smartwatches.

Sports straps

Vobafe strap

One of the great virtues of this model is that it is possible to buy it in different colors, so it can be adjusted to what each user needs. With a very firm closure and without problems with sweat, it is an interesting purchase option for sports lovers.

Correa Vobafe para Fitbit Versa

Onedream strap

It is another of the models that has an excellent finish where several colors are combined in a very striking way on the strap itself. Its compatibility is excellent, and you will not have problems to change the original for this accessory. Its weight is very low: only 20 grams.

Correa Onedream para Fitbit Versa

XIMU strap

Made of silicone, this product is one that fits like a glove for sports. Thanks to the holes in the strap, the breathability it offers is excellent, so that irritations from sweat are avoided. Its resistance is high, making it a good purchase option.

Correa XIMU

NEO + strap

One of the things that attracts the attention of this model is that the width it has is larger than usual, so its comfort is superior to many of the accessories with which it competes in the market. It is available in two colors and as it is made of silicone, its degradation is low.

Correa NEO+

Metal straps

Funbiz strap

Its mesh-like finish ensures that it is one of the most comfortable options in all those that use metal as a manufacturing material. It does not have any problem when it comes to compatibility and has the virtue of being able to get the accessory in different colors.

Correa Funbiz para Fitbit Versa

PUGO TOP strap

If you want the Fitbit Versa smartwatch to look similar to traditional models. The manufacturing material is stainless steel, which is already a good example of the quality offered by this model, and it has a butterfly-type closure that provides high reliability in use.


TOPsic strap

If you like different designs, this stainless steel strap has details in its design such as shades in its color that make it different. With an excellent design and closure on the strap, the compatibility it offers is excellent and the way in which the elements are removed to fit, is comfortable.

Correa TOPsic para Fitbit Versa

Straps with a different design

Ouwegaga strap

It is possible that the idea you have is to give a more casual touch to your Fitbit Versa, this is the option that you should value since its dug in fabric makes it a striking option. Its closure is especially secure, something that may surprise, and the number of colors available is vast.

Correa Ouwegaga

Adepoy strap

The quality offered by this accessory is excellent, since leather has been used as a manufacturing material. This does not reduce the compatibility offered by this model, as well as the use of a buckle type closure that ensures that there will be no problems in reliability. Its weight is only 20 grams.

Correa Adepoy para Fitbit Versa

MJRom strap

This model has as one of its differential characteristics that there is compatibility with the Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch. Available in various colors in a fabric in various colors, it is one of the few options that offers a velcro closure that makes it very comfortable and always achieve a excellent fit.

Correa MJRom