Steam Introduces Game Recording: A Game-Changer for Gamers

Valve’s Steam is the most popular and at the same time the oldest platform for video games in the world which is constantly being developed to meet the consumers’ needs. One of its recently added features is the Game Recording that is currently in beta version. It is a mechanism that enables the gamers to record and upload the clips of the game they are playing at the moment on the Steam.

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Steam Game Recording is a much sought after service where people record their games through steam. Steam Game Recording is a freshly added feature that allows recording gameplay in the backgroud when you are playing. This feature is a well-integrated component of the Steam program and enables users to modify and publish their game videos without a separate application. At the moment it is open for everyone who have signed up for the Steam Beta Program.

Major Characteristics of Steam Game Capture

  • Background Recording: The feature captures the gameplay and stores it in the library and you do not have to miss any action. Steam Community supports any game on Steam and doesn’t need any additional modifications from the game developers.
  • Storage Management: The users can set the amount of hard drive space they wish to be used for recording as well as the length of the clips. This way, your storage will not be cramped up with unwanted files.
  • On-Screen Overlay: It is a simplified and fast way to review and correct your recordings using the simple on-screen controls. Trim the clips and share them from the app in the .MP4 format or save it for later use.
  • Event Markers: Markers can be placed in the game recordings by the developers to help the user easily find certain parts of the game, for instance, game starts, ends or any other event that may be of interest in the game.

Compatibility and Performance

Steam Game Recording is compatible with all kinds of computers that have integrated graphics or NVIDIA and AMD dedicated graphics. In case, your system doesn’t have a discrete graphics card, the CPU is responsible for managing the recording process which can affect the system’s performance. Nonetheless, users with dedicated graphics will be affected to a minimal extent owing to the fact that the GPU will be handling the recording process.

Steps to Make Steam Game Recording Work

To try out this new feature, join the Steam Beta Program:To try out this new feature, join the Steam Beta Program:

Now open the Steam application and then go to Settings from the http://www. buy-cheap-swc. com/how-to-get-your-battle-net-email-back/ main menu.
Navigate to Interface.
Select Participation in the client beta and opt for Steam Beta Update.
The app will download the latest beta version and restart and that will enable the Game Recording feature.


Among the new features of Steam, the Game Recording has become very useful for gamers as it allows capturing and sharing of the gameplay. Thus, by including this tool in the platform, Steam rises the level of gaming experience, giving users a comfortable and effective means of creating and publishing game videos. It is now possible to use this feature and for this you should join the Steam Beta Program today!