You were waiting for it: Steam Deck running the Gamecube emulator

Steam Deck running the Gamecube emulator

Since the 90s, the world of emulation has been one of the most important in computing and, more specifically, within the PC universe, where we have programs at our fingertips that are capable of bringing us our old childhood video games from any console and computer that we imagine. Now, not even the Linux barrier on Steam Deck will prevent us from continuing to enjoy the GameCube classics .

Dolphin is also coming to Steam Deck

This week Valve will start selling its first Steam Decks to all those who pre-ordered them last summer. It will be the same day 25 and, according to the North Americans, the order of request of each one of these requests will be scrupulously respected . From that date, users will have three days to formalize the order and order theirs so that it arrives at home in the following days.

Well, the great news that Steam Deck has received is that Dolphin will be available to revive in our hands , in a portable way, the best GameCube video games, one of Nintendo’s most celebrated consoles and that has a good amount of classic great games, some of them have recently come out on Switch. This is the case of Super Mario Sunshine within the Mario 35th anniversary pack, for example.

Dolphin running on a Steam Deck.

Do not think that the arrival of Dolphin has been carried out by the community, but rather that it has been the organization that supports the emulator itself that has made the announcement a few days ago. And the funniest thing of all is that he has not spent a single word saying that we will have a little piece of the GameCube inside the Steam Deck. They have simply uploaded a photo (you have it right above) where we can see the frame of what looks like the demo of a SEGA game.

The door of emulation is opened

With this announcement by the creators of the Dolphin emulator, the door is wide open to having much more content within the Steam Deck than only that provided by Valve through its official store. It is evident that part of the success of the future machine will go through the scene that is generated around it and that it not only gives us access to our Steam library, but to others that are not currently contemplated.

This is the case of the Epic Games Store, and even Blizzard’s, which could have a place if, for example, Steam Deck is capable of running a Windows installation. It will be when the first units reach the market and in the hands of the modders , the moment in which we will be able to really know what the scope and impact of this laptop will be, which promises to turn the world of PC games into a kind of Nintendo Switch where it will be possible to enjoy any wonder that we have in our library, recent or old, anywhere. Imagine playing Death Stranding on the street, on the bus, or at a friend’s house. Don’t you think it’s a pass?