Steady, newbie! Tips to get started in PUGB Mobile

Many users may think that Fortnite was the precursor to the genre known today as Battle Royale , but nothing could be further from the truth. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the title that opened the doors to this kind of game.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download it for free through the Play Store or App Store . But if you are new to the installment developed by LightSpeed and Quantum Studio, a division of Tencent Games, you should know some tips to get you started on the PUBG Mobile battlefield.

Tips to get started in PUGB Mobile

The method is the same

If you have played similar installments you will understand the objective of the games in PUBG. The key is to be the only survivor at the end of the session. The method for this is similar to what you will have seen in other battle royales.

First you will start in a plane from which you will have to jump. Therefore, it is very important to know where you want to fall , since there are places with a greater number of weapons to collect.

What weapon to choose

Being new means that you do not know the different weapons that you can find on your way. In PUBG you can carry two main weapons and a pistol. The most advisable thing is to carry two different types such as a jump rifle for long distances and a shotgun for when we are inside a building.

Armas PUBG

In addition, unlike other installments of the genre such as Fortnite, in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground you can get equipment to be more resistant to shots and even a backpack to carry more objects.

First or third person?

Many of the battle royales that you can find today only allow you to play from a single perspective . PUBG, on the other hand, offers you the possibility of playing in the first or third person.

The best for this kind of video game is to opt for the second one, since we can easily observe our surroundings . Not only will you be able to keep an eye on what is around the corner, but you will also avoid possible trolling by more experienced players.

Always close the doors

When exploring a territory it is important to check that no one has been prowling around the area. A test of this is to see if the doors around us are open. If they are, go preparing your weapon for any unforeseen event.

Cerrar puertas PUBG

On the other hand, if you are the one who decides to enter an unexplored house, close the doors when you are inside. In this way you will hear if someone opens it and you will be able to anticipate your enemy.