Stay Ahead of Game Pass Expirations with New Xbox Feature

Game Pass, Microsoft‘s beloved subscription service, offers an impressive library of top-tier games, including AAA titles and hidden indie gems. While we often focus on the exciting additions to Game Pass, it’s equally important to keep an eye on games that are leaving the platform. Microsoft understands the importance of this and has introduced a new feature to help users stay informed about departing titles.

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When Do the Games Bid Farewell?

Microsoft has implemented a useful update that allows Xbox Game Pass subscribers to easily check the departure dates of games directly from their Xbox consoles. Here’s how it works:

  1. Navigate to the Game Pass section on your Xbox.
  2. Select a game from the library that you’re interested in.
  3. Access the game’s details, and you’ll find a prominent notification indicating when the game is scheduled to leave Game Pass.

With this feature, you can quickly identify which games are on their way out, giving you the opportunity to play them before they vanish from the service. For instance, if you discover that a game you’ve been eyeing is set to leave Game Pass soon, you can make plans to enjoy it before it’s gone.

Xbox has made it convenient to stay informed about game expirations, allowing you to make the most of your Game Pass subscription. Plus, the feature includes a direct link to the Xbox store, enabling you to purchase the game at a discounted rate if you decide to keep it after it departs from Game Pass.

At this time, this helpful feature is available exclusively on the Xbox console store. It’s yet to be seen whether a similar feature will be introduced for Game Pass on PCs. Regardless, it’s a valuable addition for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, especially given the substantial library of over 500 titles available on the platform.

So, start checking the departure dates of your favorite Game Pass titles and enjoy them to the fullest before they bid their final farewell. Make a list of the ones you want to experience, and don’t miss out on the gaming adventures waiting for you.