Static or animated wallpaper, which is better for your mobile?

There is no doubt that one of our favorite actions when getting a new mobile is to look for a wallpaper that gives a special look to the device . However, when choosing we can find several options and we are not talking about tastes and preferences, but about typologies, such as static or animated backgrounds.

Wallpapers are an ideal way to personalize your smartphone and setting the ideal can be a somewhat complicated task. Especially because of the huge number of alternatives at your disposal, which generate real chaos. That is why it is convenient to look at the advantages and disadvantages that each of these types presents, because that way making the decision will be easier.

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Static or animated wallpaper, which is better for your mobileStatic or animated wallpaper, which is better for your mobile

Sometimes we cannot focus solely and exclusively on the aesthetic appearance of that wallpaper that draws your attention so much. This is because a bad option could mean excessive battery drain and for this reason you have to be careful when choosing.

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First of all, it is important to know if your phone comes with an AMOLED panel. Mainly, because the operation of this kind of screen directly influences the energy consumption that a wallpaper can cause. This is so because the pixels that make it up work individually, so a background that uses mostly black will keep the pixels off and the battery consumption will be less. Once you are clear about this aspect, it is time to get down to business.

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When you check if dark backgrounds are better for your mobile as it has an AMOLED screen, it’s time to make the decision and look for the right wallpaper. For this, you have static or animated ones, where the former gain prominence generally for an obvious reason compared to the waste of energy that moving wallpapers imply.

In addition, it is not the only negative section that is worth noting in this typology, since it not only uses more battery, but also consumes part of the RAM memory . Likewise, it requires part of the power of the processor and some sensors of the device if the animation depends on our movement. Therefore, taking into account the amount of resources that the Android system needs to work together with the above, it is advisable not to bet on them on devices with little capacity in this aspect.

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On the other hand, a static wallpaper is not a victim of these problems and can even be beneficial in the case of opting for one full of black. In this way, our mobile will look like never before and will enjoy exceptional performance at all times as there is no feature that requires energy from several of the phone’s components at all times.

Although it is true that animated backgrounds are much more visual and attractive to the naked eye, the price you have to pay for them can be very high depending on the features of the terminal. Not to mention that today you have at your fingertips a huge number of static wallpapers that show off an extraordinary beauty that you will not hesitate to set as default.