Speed Up Your PC by Controlling what Runs at Windows Startup

One of the main reasons why a computer can go slow is because it has many programs running at the same time. Although we have not opened them, from the moment we log in there are many programs and processes that run on the PC. Some of them useful and necessary for the correct functioning of the PC, but others very dispensable and that, if disabled, we could improve Windows performance .

There are many reasons why a program runs Windows startup . Some programs do so to be ready from the outset to service users (for example, in the case of Spotify), and others to check for updates and keep the program up to date, such as Chrome or Adobe.slow-pc

If we want our computer to function properly, one of the basic maintenance functions is to control which programs are loaded at the start of Windows and disable everything we do not need.

Here are several ways to do it.

See programs that open at the start of Windows from Windows

Windows offers us two ways to view the programs configured to run at the start of the operating system. The first of these forms is from the task manager itself. Press Control + Shift + Esc and, in the “Start” tab , we can see all these programs.

Administrador de tareas de Windows - Inicio

As we see, Windows 10 also allows us to see the impact that each program has on PC performance. We can disable any of them by right clicking. Thus, we will remove all that are not necessary and we can make our Windows boot faster and work better.

Another way to do this is from the Windows startup folder. Everything that is placed inside this folder will be executed at the start of the PC, so if you have too many unnecessary programs it may be causing our PC to slow down.

To reach it we can execute (Windows + R) the command ” shell: startup ” and review all the programs we have there.

Carpeta inicio W10

Everything we do not want or do not need, we can eliminate it, leaving the Windows boot much cleaner.

Using third party software

Although Windows offers several ways to control the PC boot, the task manager and, above all, the startup folder, have several shortcomings. Therefore, if we want to have control of everything that starts on our computer, it is better to use some much more complete third-party programs.

Autoruns , for example, is one of these programs. This is part of Microsoft Sysinternals and allows us not only to control everything that runs at Windows startup, but to know all the details about it (such as its origin, timestamp, etc.) and check each process in VirusTotal to know if it is Reliable or can be dangerous.


We can download this tool from the following link .

Another similar program to control everything that runs at the beginning of the PC, but much simpler, is Autorun Organizer . While the previous program is very complete and complicated, Autorun Organizer bets with simplicity. This program will analyze our entire PC and tell us everything that is running at the start of Windows. We can analyze the processes in VirusTotal to know if they are reliable and see complete metrics that will allow us to see if other users have the same process and if they have it activated or deactivated. So we can know what to do in case of doubt.

Autorun Organizer W10

We can download this program from the following link .