Sous-vide: Best models, how it works and advantages of low temperature

Sous-vide: Best models

Sous-Vide cooking is very fashionable. Cooking foods such as meat, fish or vegetables at a low temperature is now easier than ever thanks to these devices. If you want to encourage yourself with one of these products, and you are also looking for integration with your smart home, here we will show you the best smart Sous-Vide that you will be able to control both from your phone and with smart voice assistants.

What is a Sous-Vide device?

Anova sous Vide Precision Cooker

Before we start talking about smart sous-vide , it’s worth explaining a bit about the basic principles of this technique. ‘ Sous-Videmeans ‘under vacuum’ , and is a modern cooking technique that consists of cooking food at a low temperature and for an extended period of time. The food that is cooked is vacuum packed and placed in a container of water. The device works like a thermostat , and will keep the water at a constant temperature for as long as we need.

This technique was born in haute cuisine , but has become popular all over the world thanks to cheaper technology and the use of these products in television programs and YouTube channels.

As a result, the Sous-Vide kitchen is comfortable, since we will not dirty the least and we will not have to be present in the kitchen while we cook. It also translates into better flavors, the development of new textures in food and the preservation of micronutrients such as vitamins that we destroy by cooking at high temperatures in the traditional way.

To cook s ous-vide it is necessary to have a device that controls the temperature of the water . We usually refer to them as ‘ Sous-Vide ‘, that is, with the same name as the technique or ‘róner’, which is what vertical devices that do not have their own reservoir are sometimes called.

Advantages of smart Sous-Vide

anova control voz.

In recent years, all kinds of products related to this cooking technique have begun to be launched on the market. Most are cheap devices that fulfill their function, and with which we will have to operate through buttons, wheels or traditional elements.

On the other hand, there are high-end sous-vide that have their own systems to interact with them. This means that we will be able to set both the cooking time and the temperature through applications on our smartphone or with voice commands using an assistant like Alexa.

Some of the benefits of these models are as follows:

  • Remote control: you can set the cooking temperature or increase or decrease the time without being in the kitchen. Some devices not only have Wi-Fi functionality, but we will also be able to preheat the cooking water if we are not at home, saving some time. This function also allows you to cook and maintain at a stable and low temperature to cut cooking time, but to have the dish ready for when you get home, without needing to heat it.
  • Water level warning : when you cook s ous-vide , the water slowly evaporates. This is a problem for the roner-type Sous-Vide , as they can burn if they are not covered with water up to their ‘Min’ line, so they are turned off for safety. The ‘smart’ models will notify you of this phenomenon, so you won’t have any problems if you cook for a very long time, from 8 to 16 hours.
  • Recipe Assistant – As we said at the beginning, smart Sous-Vides are usually high-end products. Customer satisfaction is often a priority on premium devices. The leading brands of Sous-Vide products usually have applications and programs that will guide us when making recipes. We won’t have to buy recipe books or search the Internet. We will simply follow the steps on our mobile phone.

Best Smart Sous-Vide Models

These are the best models you can find on the market. The best Sous-Vide with which to continue expanding your kitchen skills to surprise your loved ones on some other special occasion.

Anova Culinary – Precision Cooker AN500-US00

The Anova brand is currently the most advanced, and has been working on this type of precision cooking device for years. The AN500-US00 is the brand’s high-end model . Virtually any roner on the market is often compared to this device, which is used as a reference.

Its price is quite high, but its associated services are well worth it. Its app includes a very extensive and interesting recipe book. And not only that. You can also consult recipes from its community (which is the largest in the world), upload your creations and share your experiences.

You can control the device from the app, through the touch buttons on the top of the product or even using an Alexa skill , although its operation with smart speakers is still a pending issue for the brand, since the experience is not It is far from optimal.


Sous vide de ChefSteps

This other model is one of the best sellers in the United States. There it is marketed under the name Chefsteps Joule and it is the only one that has been able to stand up to Anova. Unlike other models, the Breville is much more compact , but has the power of a high-end Sous-Vide .

Its integration with the smartphone is even better than in the Anova models. The device has no buttons , and it seems to be designed by Apple because of the care that they have put into its details. It fits in any drawer, is very light and does not need support thanks to the peculiar base at the bottom of the product. Its really amazing app, and its integration with Alexa is also outstanding . As a negative point, the distribution of this model in Spain is very limited , so the price skyrockets when there is no stock. However, its real price is around 250 euros approximately.

Anova Culinary – Precision Cooker Nano

anova nano

If the previous two models are beyond your budget, Anova’s entry-level model is an affordable version of the AN500-US00. Unlike that other, this model only has Bluetooth connectivity. However, it is compatible with the native Anova app , and you can control the appliance directly with your mobile.

Klarstein Quickstick Smart Sous-Vide

Klarstein Quickstick Smart Sous Vide

Similar to the previous model, but with a bit more power, the Klarstein Quickstick also has smart features, although its integration with third-party systems is poorer than the leading brand. The app recommends recipes based on what we have in the pantry. It also allows you to control time and temperature. Its price is very affordable, but you should keep in mind that we are talking about a mid-range device , just like the Precision Cooker Nano.

Mellow Sous-Vide Precision Cooker

mellow sous vide

Mellow is a brand that is gaining some ground in this world. Its low temperature cooking device has a totally groundbreaking design . The Mellow has its own built-in watertight tank to minimize water evaporation.

Regarding the smart section, you can program this s ous-vide so that it cooks and quickly cools the water , cutting off the cooking (adding ice if necessary). Its app also allows you to reheat the cooking so you can eat as soon as you get home. Its app is also very complete, and it has both remote control and a huge catalog of recipes. In addition, its creators promise that by using their vacuum bags, you will not have to buy a separate packaging machine.