Sound Like a Pro: Best Apps for Vocal Enhancement

In the digital world these days, there is no level of singing skills required to sound professional. And, in reality, all one needs is the right tool for it, and the voice is good to go, fronting fun effects in front of a huge crowd. So, if you want to impress your friends, or you just want to find out what kind of genius has been dormant in your musical talent for years, here are the applications that are supposed to help transform your voice tracks.

Some of the best apps, through which one is able to change the voice while singing, one can get anything from an autotune effect to full audio editing.

apps to modify singing voice

Voloco: Showcase Your Voice with Free Effects

Voloco is an app with all sorts of vocal effects—from pitch correction to compression and EQ, making your singing experiences the best they can be. This application is a perfect source to get a kick start for new learners and has all the professional-level features too. Whereas Voloco also offers premium features, the free features are large enough to let one record and engineer his song without having to make any purchases. Wired headphones always work well for recording in order to acquire good quality of sound.

Key Features:

Free vocal effects

User-friendly interface

Option to publish and share creations

AudioLab: Advanced Audio Editing at Your Fingertips

To say the least, everything one needs to take their audio editing skills to another level, AudioLab Audio Editor Recorder, can be termed as the one-stop solution. It’s not only focused on improving your voice but also packed with a lot more in case you decide to lay out some music, make a podcast, or play around with sounds. From audio mixing, trimming, or pitch correction, AudioLab helps ease complex editing processes with its clean and simple design.

Key Features:

Supports multiple audio formats

Comprehensive audio mixing and editing tools

Music and voice separation, pitch correction

Voice Modifier: Turn Your Phone into a Studio

A great tool for karaoke fans or anyone who is in love with playing around with the recording of various vocal tones and effects, Voice Modifier makes you feel as if you are in a studio on your portable device. This app allows transforming the voice in many ways: change the gender of your voice or even change the speed of sound. The ideal solution for all your audio projects and definitely for karaoke nights, the AV Voice Changer Software comes packed with a number of effects. It offers the possibility of making any type of text sound like a robot’s.

Key Features:

Wide range of vocal effects

User-friendly for beginners

Supports voice recording and editing


Whether your aim is to have the best vocal recordings for professional use or simply to have a good time with friends, these apps have everything that makes you sound better than ever. From the breathtaking free effects to advanced audio editing, unlocking the potential of these apps will surely unveil a new dimension to your musical journey.