How to solve the problems when measuring the pulsations with the Mi Band

The most popular sports bracelet is without a doubt the Xiaomi Mi Band, a device that offers us many possibilities. Despite this, we must not forget that it is a very inexpensive gadget and that it is subject to problems, one of the most repeated occurs when we try to measure the pulsations, finding ourselves with an error or terrible results.

Luckily for all these problems they have several solutions depending on the specific reason that causes this problem. The tricks of the Mi Band not only allow us to increase its possibilities, but also to improve the result and its performance constantly, which integrates from measuring the frequency of the beats in a better way than it does regularly.

solve the problems when measuring the pulsations with the Mi Band

Set your heart rate right

Many of the problems can be caused by a bad configuration . By default from the Mi Band 4 model we will not find the use of the heart rate sensor configured and we will have to do it in the Mi Fit application. Once we have entered the app we go to the last tab to click on our bracelet and then go down to the option called Heart Rate Detection.

configurar ritmo cardiaco mi band 4

Within this section we find several options from which we can choose:

  • Automatic heart rate detection: this option allows us to modify the detection frequency, although it will also affect the battery life.
  • Sleep assistant: with this mode, only when it detects that we are sleeping will it measure our heart rate to better understand our sleep.
  • Both options: if you choose this, we will have all the information, both day and night while we sleep.

In addition, whenever we want we can use the touch screen of the various bracelets to go to the heart rate option and check it manually, at which time we are not free from encountering problems.

Errors when measuring pulsations

When the Mi Band 4 or later is trying to measure the pulsations and we find an error on the screen, it may be due to a bad position of the bracelet . That is why we must keep these key aspects in mind so that failures are not repeated and we always have the best result, whether we manually access the pulsation control, or if it does it herself through the chosen configuration.

error ritmo cardiaco mi band 4

Clean the sensor

We usually carry the bracelet with us all day and if we carry it with it since the Mi Band 5 was presented, it may be somewhat dirty. Undeniably, with the passage of time, it picks up dirt, which can make the sensor not able to function at its best. To clean the smartband and specifically the heart rate sensor, we must remove the bracelet and use fresh water, for example from the tap. We can also add hand soap and rub gently over the entire surface of the capsule, with special emphasis on the rear sensors.

Once it is dry, before proceeding to put it on, we recommend using a small wooden toothpick, to affect the areas where water is not able to reach and drag the dirt. This is how we will scratch, especially in the case of the sensor that may continue to contain debris. Again we give it a review of the water and yes, when it is dry we put it back on our wrist.

Place it well

To ensure that the measurement does not fail, show us errors or be unrealistic with reality, we have to position ourselves well over it. Most of the users we have put the strap wrong on occasion and it is that although it is something basic, we are not always right. This brings us to the problems discussed and suffered by everyone from the first Mi Band, to the last Mi Band 6.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

To do it well, we have to place the bracelet above the wrist bone and then tighten the strap until we feel contact without pressure on the contour of the arm. By making contact with the skin, we achieve that the measurement of the positions is more exact and therefore it will also improve the control of sleep and sports activities.

Does it show unequal values?

This is another of the problems that we can find when trying to measure our pulsations with the Xiaomi Smart Band . They really have the same solutions as when the aforementioned error appears, cleaning and good placement, which we arrive at if we measure our pulsations twice in a row with the bracelet. We may find that the result is vastly different, although our heart rate should be relatively the same a few seconds later.

In that case, we must implement the techniques mentioned above, but we must not forget that the Xiaomi bracelet does not always succeed. To clarify the outcome of the test, the effectiveness of the pulsation controls has been tested many times. In most cases it has been proven that although it is not a perfect result like the one that medical products can obtain, it is approximate and helps us to get a clear idea.

If it keeps failing …

If the problem continues after having followed all these steps in the various situations, what we should do is the following on the Mi Band. Next we go to the application store and check that we have the latest Mi Fit update , then we reconnect the bracelet and wait for a new version of the firmware to appear that could improve the results of the pulsations.

The blows can also cause the result to be wrong or bad, although for that we will only have to go to the technical service and try to find the solution.

Restablecer valores de fábrica Mi Band 4

Otherwise, we will have to think about returning it to the factory state, something that we can do from the bracelet itself, navigating through its menus with the touch screen. You just have to locate and enter More> Settings> Factory reset. In a matter of seconds we will have the bracelet ready to be configured as the first day. To achieve the best result with the pulsations, we cannot forget the first one that we show and thus without worrying the measurement is a total success. We cannot forget about updates either, because at some point a new firmware will arrive, always focused on improving results.