Solutions if you can't upload files to Google Drive from PC or mobile

Work in the cloud is the order of the day, one of the most used platforms is Google Drive. Thanks to it we can have our files stored there and access from any location. It also allows us to share files with our coworkers and synchronize our files to have our backup copies. However, sometimes we may try to upload a file and it won’t let us. In this article, we are going to offer some solutions for when you cannot upload files to Google Drive.

can't upload files to Google Drive from PC or mobile

All you need to check

If you have problems with the Google Drive service, it can be due to multiple causes. The first cause may be our Internet operator, which has problems reaching Google’s servers correctly. However, if you have the possibility to try several operators and it does not work with any of them, surely the problem is something else. Next, we are going to give you all the keys to diagnose if there are problems with Google Drive.

Check Google Dashboard

The first thing we should check if we have problems uploading files to Google Drive is if this service is operational. Google Drive is generally pretty good when it comes to uptime, and it’s very rare for the service to be down. That’s why you have to check your Control Panel to check if there are any interruptions in Google Drive before you start looking for solutions.

Therefore, we will review it by clicking the following link to access the Google Workspace Control Panel . Then a screen like this will appear:

If a green tick appears, this means that the service works correctly. In the event that Google Drive is not working, then it is a case of waiting until it works again. You may also be interested in knowing how to use Google Drive to host your website for free.

Problems playing videos

One of the types of files in Google Drive that usually gives us the most problems when playing them are video files. At that point we get a message that it can’t process the file and to try again later. This would be an example of that error:

As for the possible solutions that we could apply:

  • Update our browser.
  • We put ourselves on top of the video file and with the right button click on Download . Once done, we check the video in our video playback program.
  • Try using a different browser.

If the above does not work, then it is possible that the video is corrupted and you need to re-upload it again.

If you use the app for Windows

If we are using the Windows application to use our files in Google Drive, then we can think of performing one of these tasks. Then we will open the program by clicking on the Google Drive icon that we have in the right corner of the taskbar. Next, we click on the settings gear icon and click on Preferences .

Then we click on the configuration wheel again and click on Disconnect account .

After having disconnected the account, we click on the Google Drive icon again and follow the process to reconnect to the account. If the problem persists, we must restart the computer and if we continue to have problems, we will try to reinstall the application so that we can re-download files to Google Drive without problems.

For the uninstall we will go to Start menu , Add or remove programs and proceed to uninstall the program. Then we can download the latest version from here . You may be interested in learning how to use Google Drive as an FTP server.

Problems uploading files on Android

In the event that we are uploading files to Google Drive and it has been stuck at one point for a long time, it is quite possible that something has gone wrong. If we want to restart the upload, the best way to do it is to restart the Google Drive application. On Android, we would do it from Settings , Applications . If it does not appear in options we can See all applications or something similar. We search for Google Drive and click on Force stop and try to upload again.

Finally, if with this we cannot solve it, we must restart the mobile and check that the Internet connection works correctly.