Solution to One UI 3.0 Problems on Samsung Mobiles

With the arrival of the new version of Samsung’s customization layer to various mobiles, we have also run into countless errors. The developers are already working on fixing them, although some can be frustrating and need a solution as soon as possible. To help troubleshoot One UI 3.0 on all updated phones, we’re going to show you what we can do.

Solution to One UI 3.0 Problems

In some cases the solution is simple or a new patch has even arrived that fixes the problem before we are aware of the error, making us congratulations. Anyway, we invite you to know which are the most serious errors that are appearing in Samsung mobiles and could affect you, which have caused complaints in forums and social networks.

Battery statistics do not appear on Samsung

One of the most controversial problems since the One UI 3.0 update has been implemented in the devices has to do with the battery statistics. Many are the terminals that face this problem that luckily is being solved by means of updates and we can also achieve it manually.

estadísticas Samsung bateria

  • We enter the mobile Settings.
  • We touch the Applications section.
  • Now we put the button next to “Your applications” and allow us to show the system apps.
  • Among the apps we are going to search for “Samsung Device Health Manager Service” and enter it.
  • Click on Storage and finally on “Delete data”.
  • After a few minutes we will be able to see the statistics of the theory again normally.

Mobile data not working after upgrading to One UI 3.0

Another failure of One UI 3.0 after the update occurs when trying to use mobile data in Samsung , especially in the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Although the developers have already worked on the solution, we cannot be disconnected away from home and by fixing it we have found a solution:

datos moviles samsung

  • First we remove the SIM card and claim the mobile.
  • Then we introduce the SIM again.
  • We go into Settings> Connections> Mobile networks and change the Network mode option to only 2G.
  • We finish the mobile data and after a few seconds, we repeat the process with the 3G networks and successively with the 4G networks.

This seems to have allowed it to work again on some mobiles, although other users have had to remove the MicroSD card for it to work properly.

Avoid forced closing of applications

Some users have also faced forced shutdowns after the update, causing some apps to malfunction. This error appears to stem from the compatibility of some of the One UI 3.0 services with non-optimized apps. To fix it, we just have to update some Samsung services from its own store. To do this, we look for Galaxy Store in the app drawer and touch the drop-down menu to touch update all available apps. Finally we restart the mobile and everything should be fixed.

The option to delete notch or camera hole does not appear

To the surprise of many, this is not a Samsung problem but rather a system change. Previously, users could hide the front hole of the camera or cameras and now you have to live with it. Samsung has chosen to remove that option and expose the hole.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Gesture issues in One UI 3.0

Many of the complaints linked to the One UI 3.0 version of the Samsung layer are directed at gestures. Apparently the standard optimization is not the best or ideal, so we have to adapt it to our liking, although anyway Samsung is working on improving it with the help of patches. What we have to do so that they do not fail continuously is the following:

gestos samsung one ui 3.0

  • We access the Settings.
  • We enter the screen.
  • Click on Navigation bar.
  • With the swipe gestures option activated we tap on More options.
  • Finally we choose the sensitivity of the gestures.

Other One UI 3.0 problems on Samsung mobiles

To the known problems that we have been able to fix, we must add others that expressly depend on Samsung or there is no known solution. A list of bugs in Samsung that seems that they can only be fixed with a system update, so we invite you to regularly check if there is a new version in Settings> Software update.

  • Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass do not work.
  • Random reboots.
  • A number appears on the screen when we have missed calls.
  • Cannot view the images from the MicroSD on the card.
  • Bluetooth compatibility issues with multiple cars.