The Snapdragon 875 Will Drive up the Price of High-end Phones

The price of mobile phones in the high range has been increasing for several years until reaching a level where it has remained, although however according to reports that come from the production of the next Snapdragon 875 the price will increase even more. The manufacture of the components is the main factor that affects the price of the devices, causing our pocket to take its toll.

Snapdragon 875 Will Drive up the Price

Evolution in technology comes at a cost that is preceded by production as we have mentioned, but in addition to the necessary research and development. The processor that behaves like the brain of smartphones is a key point, making it possible to use more advanced technologies with greater capabilities and fewer limitations.

Responses to the price increase

The 8 series of Snapdragon processors is the most used in the development of high-end mobiles and this causes their production to mark the evolution of technology and in turn of prices. According to reports from China, the Snapdragon 875 processor that is already being developed by the firm will reach a value of approximately 250 euros, which means an increase in price compared to the 160 euros that the Snapdragon 865 currently reaches.

Snapdragon 730G

There are clear reasons for this, including the 5 nanometer manufacturing process and also the Snapdragon X60 5G modem. 5G technology will continue to gain ground in the coming years and Qualcomm is one of the main drivers. This will also come with Cortex-A78 cores and the Super Core Cortex-X1, which will allow to carry out several heavy processes at the same time without disheveled, achieving an improved speed by 30%.

Along with all these changes, the renewed Adreno 660 GPU is added with which the performance in games and video would also improve. Until the third quarter of 2020 we will not be able to know its final price, but checking the important decision changes that some companies are making, it is not surprising that the mid-range continues to gain ground to high-end mobiles.

An increasingly affordable high-end

Currently if we take a look at the prices of the alt range to more economical with 5G technology such as the Poco F2 Pro or the Realme X50 Pro we can see that among its differential points before other models is the processor, something that would stop integrating in 2021 if the price at which the Snapdragon 875 rises is as high as expected.

realme x50 pro player edition gris

This will make other options of the Qualcomm 7 series take greater strength to follow in the footsteps of what is expected to be seen in the Google Pixel 5 or what we have known in the LG Velvet. Many changes and variations in prices are expected from what we have known until now as economic high-end, which will take effect in the mid-range and we will see if with a smaller device launch in higher-level smartphones.