Smartwatchs on offer: Quality Models and Great Discounts

If you are reluctant to buy a smartwatch since it seems to you that models that have a good quality are excessively expensive. We are going to show you that right now you can get some of them with an attractive price. The reason is that there are several models that are of excellent invoice that can now be purchased with discounts that are most attractive.

smartwatchEach and every one of the wearable accessories that you can find in the list of this article offers a saving that is important. And, that, that are models that come from the hand of manufacturers of recognized prestige and that are not models of four previous generations. Therefore, the possibilities chosen are those that meet what every user is looking for: get a product that offers a great quality / price ratio .

Varied options to get a new smartwatch

By the way, you will find options of all kinds, since there are smartwatches that allow you to install additional applications from official stores and, also, those who look in part for simplicity and do not allow this (and, on the other hand, they are the ones that have a greater autonomy). The case is that you will surely find something that fits what you need and, therefore, you will have no excuse for not enjoying a new smartwatch right now.

The models that can now be purchased on sale

We leave below the purchase links of the options that you will find on offer in different online stores, all of them trustworthy, so getting any of the smartwatch chosen does not involve some risk (and great comfort is offered). These are the wearable accessories that are a great purchase option right now:

Honor MagicWatch 2

A very comprehensive accessory that, among other things, stands out for including a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, so the management of everything you see is quite simple. With options as interesting as the inclusion of GPS and various sensors (which allows you to use TruSeen 3.5 technology), its 455 mAh battery allows you to offer a wide range of autonomy that reaches 14 days of usual use. It offers the option to answer calls and view all types of notifications. Now it is sold with a saving of 12%.

Smartwatch Honor MagicWatch 2

Alcatel Movetime

A fairly sober smartwatch, with 1.3-inch circular screen with an AMOLED panel that ensures good quality in all types of situations. Compatible with iOS and also with Android, this smart watch allows advanced uses such as being able to make and receive calls. It does not lack a heart rate sensor to get a good follow-up of the exercise that is performed and its finishes are of quality, such as its interchangeable leather strap. Your discount is 47%.

Smartwatch Alcatel Movetime

Samsung Galaxy Watch

One of the most complete smart watches that exist today, and also offers a metal finish with simply excellent quality. It allows the installation of applications, since it uses the Tizen operating system, and the existing offer is 19%. It does not lack GPS, 4 GB of storage where to store music and even allows mobile payments to be included by including NFC. If AMOELD 1.3-inch screen is of great quality, and its water resistance is very good allowing even to swim with it.

Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch – Smart Watch, Bluetooth, Silver, 46 mm – Spanish version

EUR 267.30

AMAZFIT Pace Heart

It is one of the models that now has a most important discount: nothing less than 41%, therefore its appeal is undeniable. With a good finish, where resistance is a key element, this smartwatch is an excellent option as a sports accessory. With water resistance compatible with the IP67 standard, the autonomy it offers exceeds five days with regular use. It uses Bluetooth connectivity, so its compatibility is excellent, and it has GPS.

Smartwatch AMAZFIT Pace Heart

Michael Kors MKT5044

The best thing about this smartwatch is that it offers a really attractive design, with many metal options that make it look premium. Includes OS Wear operating system, so it allows the installation of applications and is also compatible with Google Pay. The autonomy is adequate, without great displays like others that exist in the current market, but its reliability is complete. One of its attractions is that it only weighs 96 grams, and it does not lack a microphone to answer calls. A complete model that can now be purchased with a saving of 26%.

Smartwatch Michael Kors MKT5044

Michael Kors Smartwatch MKT5044

EUR 271.72

Apple Watch Series 4

You could not miss the representative of the Cupertino company, which is one of the best selling models today. Specifically, the one on offer is the one that includes GPS and has access to 4G networks. The savings for this wearable accessory of 40 mm is 11%, which is not bad in an Apple product. It includes watchOS operating system, so it allows the installation of applications, and offers an internal storage of 16 GB.

Smartwatch Apple Watch Series 4

Fitbit Versa

Another best seller in the wearable accessories market. With a wide autonomy that exceeds three days of habitual use, its finish is excellent and offers advanced options such as being able to make mobile payments. The measurement of physical exercise is quite accurate and many actions can be performed, such as notification management. It offers compatibility with iOS and Android, since synchronization with smartphones is done through the use of Bluetooth. The discount you have is 17%.

Smartwatch Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa Sports Smartwatch, Peach

EUR 166.00