Smartwatches to take care of your health: worry about yourself

Smartwatches are currently living their new golden age. They are the wearables par excellence, the most used and the most sought after. Especially if what you want is health care, since they are the best devices for this.

If you want to start taking care of your physical health in a much more precise way, there is nothing like getting a smart watch. These little personal assistants will always live on your wrist, telling you how much activity you have done and if it has been necessary. And they will have no problem giving you a slap on the wrist and pointing out that you have not taken the 10,000 steps that you set as a goal.

Smartwatches to take care of your health

What should smartwatches have?

Before embarking on the adventure of getting a smart watch, there are certain things you should know. First of all, there are some parameters that you should analyze in any smart watch, regardless of the use you want to make of it. It is these specifications that will mark both its quality and its usefulness.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

  • The screen is the key element of the watch, the fundamental piece. It is in it where you will have access to notifications and health parameters. That is why it is recommended that it be a little over an inch in size. In this way, the balance between quality and comfort is achieved. Currently, you can find watches with high quality screens at a good price. And with customizable spheres!
  • After this, you should always analyze the autonomy offered by the smartwatch. At this point it will depend a lot on your needs and demands; you may not care about charging it every night, or you may want to go weeks without plugging it in. The more features the watch has, the more likely it is that the autonomy will drop.
  • Do you know that there are a lot of operating systems for smart watches? When choosing a watch from a brand, you are also choosing a specific system. Not all of them allow you to download applications , so it is something that you should take into account when getting a watch. If you are looking for greater versatility, the best thing is that they allow you to download apps. However, it is not something necessary per se.
  • When exercising, it may be interesting to have GPS so you don’t have to carry your mobile phone with you.
  • Along with GPS, it is necessary to analyze how many sports modes it brings with it. At a minimum, look for those that you usually do, such as running, cycling or going for a walk.
  • Design is a key point when choosing a smartwatch. Look for the spheres and straps to be changed and, above all, that the style fits with what you usually wear often.
  • Within the price you will find a wide variety of possibilities. Adjust your budget before launching into the purchase, but always keeping in mind that the more you order, the more you will probably have to pay.

The health section: the primary factor

Taking into account that we are looking for smartwatches focused on the field of health, we must look beyond what we have already mentioned before. The above characteristics are always important at a general level, but the parameters that we are going to see next are fundamental in terms of health.

smartwatch samsung

The most basic thing when it comes to a device of this type is that it monitors the steps you take to the idea, as well as the pulse and the activity you do at all times. These are specifications that you will always find. Beyond these, you can always ask for more specific things, such as the following:

  • There are smartwatches capable of performing an electrocardiogram . To do this, take a measurement of your blood pressure . It is essential that it works as a blood pressure monitor, and this is a rare feature in affordable watches. They must have sensors capable of detecting the electrical pulse of our heart, which is not the same as our pulsations.
  • In addition, there are devices capable of detecting oxygen in the blood . It is a function that has become very fashionable in recent years. To detect this parameter, they must have an SpO2 sensor . If you have some kind of cardiovascular problem, it can be very helpful to have access to this information if you do high-performance physical activity.
  • Are you worried about your stress levels ? Virtually all smartwatches are capable of detecting, based on your heart rate, if you are in a moment of anxiety or stress.
  • Body temperature is another of those health parameters that smartwatches can now easily detect as well. However, it is true that it is a feature that few smart watches still include.
  • Carrying out sleep monitoring is also possible thanks to the different sensors that the watches implement. What they really do is see what phases of sleep you are in, differentiating between:
    • Light sleep: these are times when you still have a certain predisposition to wake up quickly for any reason.
    • Deep sleep: At this time, your brain is completely resting.
    • REM: this phase is the one in which we dream, and it occurs only at certain times throughout the night.
  • Finally, there are a large number of smartwatches capable of detecting falls or similar problems. These are very focused on those people who have physical health problems and who, therefore, could present medical emergencies.

Smartwatches at a good price to take care of your health

Once we know what we should look for to always find the smart watch that suits our needs, let’s see some models! First of all, we are going to look at a few very affordable smartwatches . Because you don’t always have to spend a lot to have a good device.

Amazfit Bip U Pro with built-in GPS

The most affordable watch you will find on the market is from the Amazfit brand. What’s more: this firm has a large number of smart watches that you should take into account if you want to take care of your physical health. This Amazfit Bip U Pro is one of the most basic and still has GPS .

amazfit bip u pro lateral

The screen has 1.43 inches in full color and is touch, with which you can easily monitor all your parameters. Of course: you will not be able to download applications , so you will have to settle for the one that comes as standard. The design is elegant, simple and very minimalist, ideal to wear with any style.

As for the specifications , you should know that it is capable of monitoring your pulse and your activity throughout the day. What’s more, it allows you to choose from more than 60 different sports modes. It has sleep sensors to know if you’re getting enough rest, and can even detect your blood oxygen . If you are worried about the battery , you should know that it offers more than a week of autonomy without problems.

As an added advantage, it should be noted that it has Alexa integrated. And it costs around €50! A real bargain.

Huawei Watch Fit: with 96 training modes

Going up the price range a bit, we find this Huawei Watch Fit . The body is also very simple, although the screen is somewhat larger since it reaches 1.64 inches. Of course, it has somewhat better specifications than the previous one.

huawei watch fit

First of all, it should be noted that it has 96 different training modes . In all of them you can quickly see the metrics of your training, as well as the situation of your heart at that moment. The monitoring of your heart rate will be constant, as well as the steps you take or the calories you burn.

It has the so-called Huawei TruRelax technology , which incorporates an algorithm that will follow your stress level throughout the day.

To this we must add that it has integrated GPS and that it allows you to have up to 10 days of autonomy . Considering its cost, it is a very complete smartwatch.

Amazfit GTS 2e: a minimalist concept

For those looking for a stylish smartwatch , this Amazfit GTS 2e is perfect. The first thing that stands out is that it has a 1.65-inch HD screen that is covered by curved glass. In addition, you can choose between more than 50 different spheres. You will also find a large number of compatible straps .

amazfit gts 2e lateral

It has 90 sports modes that you only have to activate to have a complete record of all the activity you have done. You will be able to see your cardiac activity, the steps you have taken and all the activity you have done throughout the day. However, it does not allow you to see more complex parameters, such as blood oxygen or an electrocardiogram.

Autonomy will never be a problem, since the battery can last up to 14 days. Of course, it will allow you to keep track of your sleep and will even warn you if you’re not getting enough rest.

Amazfit GTR 2: a 26-day battery life!

Again, we have to bring another one of Amazfit ‘s smartwatches. It is not for nothing that we are talking about one of the most interesting brands on the market in terms of affordable smart watches. This model, the Amazfit GTR 2, is one of the most interesting of the company.

Amazfit GTR2 bicicleta

The first thing that can be seen on an aesthetic level is that it has a very modern design . The sphere is light, thin, able to go completely unnoticed. The screen is touch, AMOLED and with a size of 1.39 inches .

At the level of specifications, it is one of the most complete you will find. You can not download applications , but the rest of the functions will be more than covered. The battery lasts up to 24 days, constantly monitoring your heart rate thanks to its BioTracker 2 sensor. What’s more: it will alert you if your pulse is outside the areas it considers safe.

It is also capable of monitoring the quality of sleep , even detecting naps of more than 20 minutes. It offers a health evaluation system called PAI that allows you to see where you are in terms of health.

Also, it can detect blood oxygen saturation . In this way, you will know if you should stop doing an exercise or there is no problem with it. And it has stress measurement ! As you may have seen, it is one of the most complete watches on the market, and at a very low price. Because for about €100 you can have all this on your wrist.

High-end smartwatches for the most demanding

Do you ask something more from your smartwatch? Don’t worry, because we have selected a few models that you will love. They offer better features but, yes, at a higher cost.

Ticwatch C2: one of the best smartwatches

The Ticwatch brand has become well known in recent years for offering very high-end smartwatches . A clear example is this C2 model. It is the first that we have seen that will allow you to download applications . Thanks to that, you can even pay via NFC .

Ticwatch C2+ lateral

It is waterproof , so water will never be a problem. The screen is 1.3 inches , large enough to check all your notifications without being a problem.

You should know that it has GPS so you can go running with it. Of course, it is capable of offering you the most basic functions such as monitoring your pulse , the activity you do and your sleep. But unfortunately, it does not allow you to detect your blood oxygen or your blood pressure. The autonomy is four or five days, depending on the use you make of it.

As for the price, it is around €150 – €200, depending a lot on whether you find an offer.

Garmin Vivomove Sport: a differentiating design

The Garmin brand has a wide selection of high-quality smartwatches, among which we have chosen the Vivomove Sport for its peculiar design . And it is that, despite looking like a totally traditional watch, it brings with it a number of sensors and specifications that you will be passionate about.

Imagen del reloj Garmin Vívomove HR

The first thing you should know is that yes, it has a touch screen . But it is completely hidden from view so you can camouflage it whenever you want. It has up to 5 days of autonomy , and includes different sports activities already pre-installed. However, you can download more if you wish.

At the security level, you should know that it has an advantage over the previous ones: it will send your location to your emergency contacts if you wish. If you find yourself in a tight spot, it will be as easy as pointing to this option. It is also capable of detecting falls automatically , notifying whoever you have designated as an emergency contact.

As for sensors , it is capable of seeing your pulse, your heart rate and your sleep score . In other words, it goes beyond monitoring your sleep and allows you to see if it has been good or not numerically. In addition, it is responsible for keeping a record of menstruation . And even monitor your stress!

It is not one of the most affordable, since it is around €200 .

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: a comprehensive health check

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of those smartwatches that are worth investing the money in. Because Samsung is a guarantee of durability and efficiency. Of course: this watch is so powerful and performs so many functions that the battery runs out very quickly. It is something that usually happens with this type of device, a price that must be paid.

samsung galaxy watch 4

Of course, in return it will allow you to download a large number of interesting applications . This watch is much more than a watch, and behaves almost like a smartphone on your wrist.

It is one of the most complete, since it can measure the following parameters:

  • Pulsations.
  • The physical activity performed, as well as the steps .
  • Blood pressure , also being able to perform an electrocardiogram .
  • The dream , very precisely.
  • Your body composition .

In addition, it incorporates GPS . However, it is not compatible with iOS . So if you have an iPhone, it is not the best option since you will find many problems to connect them. The price is around €300 , although from time to time you can find very interesting offers.

Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS

The last of the smartwatches that we should mention in this guide is, without a doubt, that of Apple . Its price is the highest on the list, always exceeding €400 . However, its benefits are also at the top of any health-focused smartwatch guide.

Reloj Apple Watch Series 7 de color azul

With this model, you can also do practically everything. Even call and send messages comfortably from your wrist. The screen is retina, with a great quality so you can check all the notifications without having to resort to your smartphone.

In addition, it is capable of measuring your oxygen and even alerting you if the results are worrying. The same thing happens with the heart rate : if it drops or rises more than it should, it will send notifications to your device. And you can get an EKG whenever you want!

It is one of the few smartwatches capable of detecting falls and notifying an emergency contact. It is specifically focused on making your life healthier, and it is something that shows in all its specifications.

Our favourite: Amazfit GTR 2

Although all the smartwatches that we have seen in this guide are of very high quality , for us the best is the Amazfit GTR 2. Although it has a very affordable price, which is around €100, it has a large number of features :

  • It offers 90 different sports modes.
  • It has an autonomy of approximately 26 days.
  • Monitor your pulse, your steps, the activity you do and your sleep.
  • It is capable of detecting stressful situations.
  • It can measure blood oxygen saturation .

Without a doubt, one of the best smartwatches you will find on the market. Especially at that price!