Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony… compatible with Amazon Prime Video

If you are thinking of buying a new television and you like that it has the contents of the services that you usually use, as is the case with Amazon Prime Video, or you want to know if this television that you have at home is compatible with the service, we will tell you how to know if it is and the main characteristics of the models that have the app for this service, although it will ultimately depend on the specific model and it does not have to occur in all of them.

Therefore, in case of doubt, you can check with the manufacturer and if you buy a new model, try installing the app to find out that it really has it and that it works well before the return period has passed. If you want to know more about the TVs that have the Prime Video app, keep reading.

Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony... compatible with Amazon Prime Video

How to know if your TV is compatible

Amazon does not provide a complete list of the models compatible with its Prime Video app , although it does comment on what different models of each of the brands can do. Therefore, you can see what is offered in each of them, although it may also be good to check with the manufacturers of the specific model to find out if it is.

It is also interesting to know that it is not compatible with some Samsung SMART TV models manufactured in 2012, although all later models would be. It is also compatible with LG WebOS SMART TV models from 2014 or later and Sony and Philips and Panasonic models from 2015 and later.

The best way to find out if the TV you have at home can be used with this service is to look for its native app . It is available in the aforementioned models and some more, as well as in TP Vision and Panasonic devices. If you don’t find it pre-installed, you can go to the app store to find out if it’s available. Give search, type your name and wait for it to appear. If so, you give it to install , enter and log in with your Amazon Prime Video data.

Although the functionalities may differ depending on the specific TV model and not all titles support all the options, we tell you a little more about the models that work with the service depending on their brand.

Compatible models of recognized brands

We tell you what happens with the most recognized brands on the market , which models are compatible with the service and what each of them offers you. Thus, it will be easier for you to consult according to the specific brand.


The video playback quality is up to Ultra HD and its sound is up to 5.1 surround sound, Dolby Atmos . It has the possibility of subtitles, but not audio description. Live streaming is offered on 2014 Bravia TVs, 2015/2016 Simple Smart TVs , 2015 and newer Android TVs, as is live help for commercials and channels with commercials.

There are models that allow profiles, although not all of them. If you have questions about whether a model is compatible or require technical assistance, you can contact them here .

smart tv sony prime


As in LG, Samsung televisions allow video playback quality up to Ultra HD and surround sound up to 5.1, Dolby Atmos. It has closed captions and on 2012 and newer models it also has audio description. Of course, the app is not compatible with some models that have been marketed in 2012.

Prime Video live streaming is offered on 2015 and newer models, as well as live help on videos and ad-supported channels. It has compatible profiles. If you need assistance or information about your model, you can do so here .

smart tv samsung prime

LG televisions

As in previous models, LG allows the same playback quality on its TVs up to Ultra HD and 5.1 Dolby Atmos surround sound depending on what the model allows. It also features closed captioning and audio description is featured on models released in 2015 and newer.

It provides live playback on your TVs, although channels with ads and live help for ads are featured on 2016 and newer models. If you need assistance or have any questions, you can contact LG here .

smart tv lg prime

Panasonic and Hisense models

TVs from both brands offer the same streaming video playback quality and maximum sound up to Ultra HD and 5.1 surround sound, Dolby Atmos. They also have subtitles and live streaming. Audio description is only available on some Panasonic models.

Channels with ads, live help for ads, and compatible profiles are present on certain models of both brands, but not all. If you want to have assistance for Panasonic you can contact here and for Hisense here .

smart tv panasonic

Philips and Sharp

Like the others, they have the same maximum sound and audio playback quality. TVs from both brands have closed captioning and audio description support. Live help for ads and channels are present on select brand models.

While Philips offers live playback and supported profiles, at Sharp this is possible on certain models. If you want to contact technical service of the brands, find information here about Philips and Sharp support.

smart tv philips prime


Both brands of televisions have the same sound and video qualities as the previous ones, depending on the model. In addition, they have subtitles, audio description and live playback. Only select TCL models have channels with ads, live help with ads, and TCLs have profiles.

If you have questions or need support, you can contact JVC here and TCL here .

smart tv jvc


This brand is recognized for offering quality electronic devices and equipment at a good price. For this reason, you may have been interested in the brand’s SMART TVs. If you have a Xiaomi TV, you should know that the maximum streaming video playback quality is up to Ultra HD while the sound quality is up to stereo . It does not have subtitles, audio playback or channels with ads.

It does offer live playback and supported profiles . If you want to receive technical assistance you can contact this link .

smart tv xiaomi prime

TVs of other brands

If you prefer to go further with models that are not as well-known or are, but they do not sell as much or are not as famous because they are cheaper, they offer you features that others do not or because they convince you more, we will tell you what is It happens with the Amazon streaming content service in other brands beyond those mentioned above.

Vizio Smart TVs

The quality of streaming video playback and maximum sound is the same as in previous models. Provides subtitles and live playback . Audio description is featured on models released 2016 and newer , while channels with ads and live help for ads is on 2015 and newer models.

The profiles are compatible in some models of the brand. If you want to get direct assistance you can do it here.

smart tv vizio prime

Grundig and Skyworth

Grundig is also a recognized brand in the television market, although perhaps not with as many sales as the most notable models, perhaps because the German company works and specializes in other types of consumer electronics products. Both brands have for this service a quality up to Ultra HD and up to 5.1 surround sound. They have subtitles, live playback and profiles. They do not have audio description, live help for announcements, or channels with announcements. You can receive Grundig assistance on the brand’s website and you can contact Skyworth at this link .


AOC and Konka

Like all, although the quality may vary from model to streaming video and sound, these models have the same maximum limits as the previous ones. Both brands allow subtitles, live streaming, and profiles . They do not have audio description, live help for ads, or channels with ads. If you want to contact AOC assistance you can do it here and in Konka here .

smart tv konka prime

Haier and Vestel

The compatibility of these two brands is very similar. The maximum video and sound playback quality is the same as in the other models. The TVs of both brands allow subtitles, live playback and compatible profiles . They don’t allow audio description, live help for ads, or channels with ads. For Haier support you can contact here and for Vestel here .

smart tv haier

SKY Glass and Changhong

If you have a TV from either of these two brands, you should know that SKY Glass TVs allow all of the aspects mentioned above, which are Subtitles, Audio Description, Live Playback, Live Help for Ads, and Profiles. Maximum sound quality and playback are up to Ultra HD and up to Dolby 5.1/Dolby Atmos surround sound. Your support service is this .

SKY Glass Changhong has the same support, except for channels with ads and live help with ads, which it doesn’t. You can contact them for more information and assistance on their website here .