Smart Thermometers: Which One to Buy, Models, Features and Prices

If you are in this technological world, you will know that every day it advances by leaps and bounds. Where before everything was manual and analog, now we have smart lights, robots that clean our floors just by telling them and a lot of other gadgets. Today we want to tell you everything you need to know about smart thermometers , a device that is not yet too popular but that will be very useful when we are sick .

What you should keep in mind before buying it

Smart Thermometers: Which One to Buy

The first thing you should know is that these types of thermometers are not the same smart equipment that we have available for a long time for our homes. In this case, we focus on those devices designed to control the temperature of our body.

In addition, in these times and taking into account the situation generated by the COVID-19 virus, these accessories will allow us to quickly detect a possible symptom of contagion and, in addition, carry out an exhaustive monitoring .

And, like any other device, there are different characteristics that you should take into account to choose the best option on the market. These aspects are the following:

  • With or without contact : this is perhaps one of the key points of these teams. Whether we use it at home or if our intention is to take it to the office (this is where it makes the most sense), there are some models that do not need direct contact to provide a measure of our body temperature. Some teams even have both possibilities.
  • Reading speed : although we are used to thermometers that can take between 2 and 3 minutes to provide us, the reading speed is another key aspect. The best teams only take 1 – 3 seconds to give us the temperature we have at that moment.
  • Accuracy : as you can imagine, this is the most relevant aspect of a thermometer. In these times, no model is going to provide us with a measurement with a difference of 1-2 degrees, here you can be calmer. But, if for any reason you need the maximum possible precision, you should pay attention to whether the model you choose is endorsed by a study that certifies this aspect.

  • Control app : in a “lifetime” thermometer this is not important but, in the case of smart models, what gives them that plus is that they have a control application compatible with your phone (Android & iOS). Another fundamental aspect, and that directly affects the control app, is that it has Bluetooth connectivity if you do not want to manually add the thermometer measurement. In addition, an aspect to be positively evaluated would be that this app elaborates curves to carry out the evolution of the temperature in a simple way.
  • Number of users : referring to the section of the application, it would also be interesting (especially now with the presence of COVID) if the app allowed us to record the measurements of the different members of our house and, in addition, store their records in memory.

Best smart thermometers

Now that you know all the aspects that a smart thermometer should have to fulfill its function, it is time to choose one. There are still not too many models to choose from in the market, but what is simple is that the platform where you look for them confuses them with smart thermometers for the home.

So, to make your search a little easier, we have compiled the best models of smart thermometers that you can currently buy on Amazon. We show them below.

Motorola Smart Thermometer

The first model we want to talk to you about is this thermometer from the Motorola company. Its measurement system allows us to know the temperature of people and objects just by bringing its probe closer to it, or (in the case of people), introducing it through the auditory pinna. The measurement is performed in less than a second and has Bluetooth connectivity for its control app. This will allow us to record the temperatures of up to 4 members of the house.

ViATOM thermometer

Another model that we find interesting is this one from the manufacturer ViATOM . On this occasion we repeat with a device with which we can perform the measurement both through the auditory pinna, or, without the need for contact using the infrared meter on the forehead. It has 4 measurement modes to know the temperature of objects, people (with the two already mentioned) or, even, of a room in our house. These measurements will be sent directly to our smartphone via Bluetooth and, here, we can store up to 10 values in memory.

Withings WTH Thermo

One of the first models to hit the market was this Withings WTH Thermo . A device that does not need physical contact to perform temperature measurement. A value that we can obtain in just a few seconds precisely thanks to 16 infrared sensors that act together. These measurements are automatically sent to the app on our phone, which processes the data and tracks these measurements with up to 8 different users. Even, depending on our symptoms, he will recommend that we take our medication at the right time.

TUCKY Smart Thermometer for Kids

The smart thermometer from the TUCKY company is specially designed for the little ones in the house. It is a patch-like device that is placed under the armpit of children when they are sick. This accessory takes measurements continuously and sends them directly to our smartphone, storing everything as a graph to know the evolution. One of its key details is that, as soon as the temperature rises above the set value, it will send us a notification to the phone to let us know.

OUTEYE Mini Smart Thermometer

A different model from the rest that we have seen so far is the one developed by OUTEYE . It is an accessory that we will connect to the charging port of our phone, whether it has a lightning or USB-C port, so that it works through its own application. As indicated by the manufacturer, this equipment performs measurements with a precision of 0.1 ºC thanks to its different calibration systems that take into account the ambient temperature. The measurement will be made in less than a second without the need for contact and this will be stored in the phone automatically.