Smart Excel Search: Advantages and Disadvantages

On the same Windows PC we carry out a multitude of tasks of all kinds, both the most basic and the most advanced. Thus, as a general rule, when we sit down at the PC and we have to work mainly with numerical data, we use Excel or some other similar program. Therefore, below we will talk about the intelligent search proposed by the aforementioned Microsoft program.

The truth is that although we have a multitude of applications of this type at our disposal, this one that includes Office is the most popular in the world. Of course, despite its widespread use on many occasions we are wasting some of its integrated functions that could be of great help, as we are going to see. This may not be the case in the simplest spreadsheet programs. However, when we have to work with a software of the power and versatility of Excel , things change.

Smart Excel Search: Advantages and Disadvantages

Keep in mind that this is a program that natively makes a large number of functions available to us. Some are better known and used than others, while we see some somewhat hidden and but surely they can be useful at times. This is the case, for example, of the so-called Smart Search in Excel .

This is a function that will serve us as a source of additional information when we are working on our personal projects in the program. But then we are going to talk about some of the benefits that we are going to find here.

Quickly access Excel smart search

The first thing we must know in this regard is that this is a functionality integrated into the spreadsheet program that we access extremely easily. This will help us if at any given time we need to access that expanded information, do it in a matter of seconds.

In fact, to be able to open this function that we are talking about, we only have to go to the menu option Review / Smart Search.

busqueda inteligente Excel

Get additional information for spreadsheets

As most of you may already know, Excel is a spreadsheet program that is not only used for numerical data. Although these are the main objective of those who use this software, here we can add many other types of elements. We refer to some of the importance of images, videos, graphics or, of course, texts.

Despite not being the primary element in an Excel document , whatever the nature of the sheet, we must also take care of these contents. Therefore, the smart search provides us with valuable additional information about the word that we mark. This is displayed in a panel that appears on the right side of the interface.

Advanced data of two types for Excel sheets

But that’s not all, but in this case we can take advantage of two additional information formats that this Smart Search proposes. At the same time, it is important to know that in the panel that opens and that we mentioned before, we see two very different sections: Explore and define.

The first one gives us a series of Internet entries related to the term or terms that we have marked in the Excel sheet. On the other hand, in the second section, we find a definition and explanation of it, all provided by Bing.