Screenshots and other shortcuts to squeeze the 'game mode' of Steam Deck

Since the launch of this consolidated Steam computer in the first quarter of 2022 , it has become one of the biggest successes of the year , since it has been able to turn the game on PC into a delight that we can enjoy on the go practically anywhere. . Although yes, it offers some limitations of use because in its game mode we cannot take a mouse and a keyboard with us everywhere.

Various shortcuts to control them all

squeeze the 'game mode' of Steam Deck

When we are playing with our computer we always have a keyboard and a mouse at hand that help us move through the operating system very quickly and effectively. However, in the case of the Steam Deck game mode, that possibility is completely lost, so many actions that we are used to accessing with a simple click become practically impossible. So what can we do?

This is where the key shortcuts that Steam Deck hides within its game mode come into play and that Valve, with great foresight, has kept within the reach of all owners of its consolidated computer. One of them, for example, is the possibility of taking screenshots, both within SteamOS and of any title that we have running and that we can then share through the multimedia library.

That is why here we bring you some of the most useful shortcuts and commands for Steam Deck.

Main Steam Deck Shortcuts

Steam Deck.

Before we begin, we assume that you know how the console and all its keys work , so we will not go into too much detail about what each one is (above you can see them all).

  • To force a game or application to close on the console , it will be as simple as holding down the Steam + B buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds. One of the most typical commands you will find on any self-respecting PC .
  • If what we want is for the virtual keyboard to appear on the screen , to use it in games or applications that require writing something, we will only have to press the Steam + X keys.
  • One of the capacities that we like the most about a computer is to take screenshots . Steam Deck, like a good hybrid PC, also has this function, and can be activated using the Steam + R1 buttons.
  • Now suppose you are one of those gamers who are used to using a mouse everywhere but the console, as expected, is in gamepad mode. If we press the combination Steam + R2 we will imitate the click of the left mouse button , while if we press Steam + L2 we will imitate the right one. It has no loss.
  • If what we want is to adjust the brightness of the screen to our liking, it will be as simple as pressing the Steam key and moving the analog D-pad up or down depending on whether we want more or less light intensity on the machine.
  • Finally, here are some basic PC keyboard shortcuts:
    • For Intro , Steam + right D-pad.
    • For Tab , Steam + D-pad down.
    • For Escape , Steam + left crosshead.

And you? Already have your Steam Deck? What do you think?