How to Set the Wallpaper on LG DualScreen

LG surprised last year with the arrival of its DualScreen. This accessory is available for the LG V50 ThinQ and for the LG G8x ThinQ . It is a new concept that turns a smartphone into a powerful productive tool whose applications are almost unlimited. But just like the screen of a traditional smartphone, LG’s dual screen can also be customized with its own wallpaper.

We have been watching LG take years with new technologies, which may or may not work, but they have just shown the company of the Korean firm. During the recently completed 2019, LG did not launch into the pool with a folding mobile as its direct competition, on the contrary they launched their Dual Screen, a dual screen accessory.

LG G8X dualscreen

The Possibilities

This “gadget” has arrived as an additional accessory or included as in the case of the G8x ThinQ. Its addition allows the user to have an additional panel, which will be very useful when surfing the internet , playing, watching multimedia content while using another app or exploring the phone gallery and sharing content much more. Intuitive and without ever losing sight of what is being done.

As LG itself explains, the double screen is not only an extension of the terminal, but we can also put its own wallpaper and does not have to be the same as the mobile.

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pantalla doble lg

How to Change the Background

To be able to configure it, we must go to the main screen of the DualScreen and keep pressed until the screen options are displayed. Then we will have to click on the “Wallpapers” option . The next step is to select the desired image and click on “Set wallpaper”. At this time we will have two options that appear in a pop-up window. If we select “Cancel” the background of the double screen will not be extended to the terminal. On the contrary, if we click on “Apply” the background can be seen on both screens.

pantalla doble LG