Set up the best home office with these Ikea furniture

best home office with these Ikea furniture

Teleworking is the new reality for many, including myself. For this reason, we have had to adapt and make room at home for our professional tasks. It is not enough to be hunched over your laptop sitting on the sofa and, therefore, we tell you how to set up the best home office with these Ikea furniture . I assure you that you will work much better than in the cubicle that your company gave you.

When it comes to setting up that home office, there are two fundamental elements that will be the basis for everything else. We recommend that you do not skimp on them, because they will be the most important for comfort, productivity and health when you telecommute.

It’s about the table and the chair , so let’s start with the first one.

Adjustable table to work sitting and standing

A few years ago, it became fashionable to work standing up, as a result of certain studies that determined that it was much healthier than doing it sitting down. Over time, the craze for that fashion, and even the results of those studies, have been nuanced.

It is good to work standing up, yes, but not all the time. In fact, the healthiest recommendation is to change positions throughout the day (and stretch your legs, moving from time to time).

Therefore, if you want to have the best of both worlds, our recommendation is that you get a desk with adjustable height , which allows you to go from sitting to working while standing.

Our top recommendation would be the Bekant table , which raises and lowers the table with a button and a motor . However, the almost 500 euros that it is worth may be a lot.

For this reason, the most economical model is the Skarsta, which works with a crank and, incidentally, we exercise the arm.

Ergonomic chair

The next thing to think about is the chair. We spend too much time sitting down, so at least make it comfortable and take care of your back . No gaming chairs , we want elegance and comfort, in addition to not giving the impression of being with the Call of Duty when we have a video meeting.

The Flintan line they have at Ikea is under 100 euros and it’s fine, especially if you follow the advice to work standing up for a few moments.

But if you can invest a little more, we recommend the Markus model They are about 150 euros, but the backrest also has a headrest and in the video above you have the assembly instructions.

A monitor base

Ikea monitor stand

The monitor should be at eye level, so as not to strain the neck. Sometimes it seems silly, but even small angles held for a long time will lead to problems .

Therefore, to raise that monitor a bit, or even the laptop if you work on it with an external keyboard and mouse, we recommend a monitor base.

The Ellowen model combines design and ergonomics, along with a very useful drawer for storing things.

A base to work with your laptop anywhere

In the end we know that you are going to go to the sofa, or even to bed in those early hours of winter mornings. At least when that’s the case, use a laptop stand that you can put on your lap.

You will be more comfortable, the laptop will be more stable and, incidentally , you will not cover the ventilation of the computer. A classic when you work like this.

The Byllan model , for just 20 euros, is an excellent choice.

Other accessories for your home office

Home office accessories

To complete, it already depends on your needs. If you need to store papers (and find them), get a good shelf to keep them on hand. We like the Bror line from Ikea and you will find them in all sizes.

Besides that, good lighting is a must. Here, for tastes, colors, so you have a whole selection of lamps and desk lamps.

And if you’re high-tech like us, power strips and cable organizers are essential.

As you can see, if you take a tour of Ikea, you can set up a home office that will be the envy of your boss.