SEO tips for your rubbish removal business from Junk Bunk experts

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What is SEO?

SEO is a digital marketing plan that helps your website rank well in search engine results for relevant keywords.

There are some types of SEO. Rubbish removal businesses are usually local companies that serve customers in a specific area (Junk Bunk LTD in London) and local SEO is important for the waste management industry.

You already know, waste management market can be competitive, so we are here to help you reach the top. SEO might be your only way to attract clients who turn to the Internet to research rubbish removal in their area. So if you want to get started with SEO for rubbish removal companies. Here are some tips you need to know to improve your search engine performance:

1. Improve your Google My Business listing

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most important features to consider when it comes to local SEO, including SEO for waste management.

GMB is Google’s online directory of businesses. Companies, in our case rubbish removal companies, can create listings on GMB for free. Listings allow companies to share essential information about their business with users, such as their phone number, location, and services.

Also, users can post reviews of businesses on GMB.

If there’s no listing for your business, you can create one. If your company does already have one, you’ll need to claim it.

After you create or claim your listing, you can add information to it. Always make sure the information is up to date.

It’s important to add photos to your listing and a description of your business. Include local keywords in your description, highlight the services you offer, and note what is so unique about your company.

2. List your business on other sites

Other than GMB, you can also list your business in directories from other search engines, review sites, and other sources. Some of the other sites to list your business on Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.

Optimized listings on these sites can improve your visibility in search. You can follow the same process as GMB with these websites.

3. Use the right keywords and create content

Keywords are another part of an SEO strategy. You need to choose and use the right keywords and also create content optimized to rank for those keywords.

When choosing the right keywords, is important to look for what customers are searching for when looking for rubbish removal services. One way for getting some keyword ideas is to think of a list of basic search terms and input them into a keyword research tool like KeywordsFX.

You can also log into Google Search Console and see the keywords that people searched to find your site on Google.

4. Link Building

Another SEO ranking factor is backlink. Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. Click here for more information about backlinks.

Earning more links from authoritative sites causes Google to view your site as more commanding as well.

You can build links through outreach, which includes contacting content creators and suggesting a link to one of your pages as a way to improve their content.

As a local business, you can also build local-focused links on the websites of local news organizations, bloggers, companies, and others.