How to send Android files to other devices or PCs

send-contenet-AndroidUntil official solutions arrive from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo or Google itself, one of the great shortcomings of Android is to have a file transfer system similar to Airdrop . Therefore, searching through the current options we have wondered what would be the best alternatives to send files wirelessly between two Android phones or a PC.

How to transfer files from the mobile to the computer without wires

Since mid-year there has been talk about a native solution by Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi that would allow their devices to send files quickly, easily and without the need for cables to other devices. A solution similar to Apple’s Airdrop and that, without a doubt, is a step forward and important in terms of usability.

This is already active for some devices only, those that have been updating to the latest versions of their customization layers. But of course, for the rest of the users, until the Google solution arrives, which will be more interesting because it is something universal for any Android device, you have to look for alternatives.

If you want to transfer files between devices you can use the classic solution to upload it to a cloud, share a link and download it. The problem with this solution is that it is not practical or fast. Ideally, you can create peer to peer connections where the transfer is direct. These applications allow it, so it is up to you to choose the one that may interest you most.

Send Anywhere

Send Any Where is really an online file delivery service, but through its applications for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac it can also be used to share files directly. These applications offer a detection function of nearby devices once the Wifi Direct option is activated.

Send any where

When you access it, you will see that you can send files just by touching the device icon. Thus, it is only a matter of selecting the image or audio files, etc. and give to send. A direct connection will be created and the only thing is to accept by using a PIN or QR code.

Ok, it is not the cleanest and simplest solution, but it is functional. If you are interested, from the Send Any Where website you can download the native app for each operating system and even browser extensions.

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Roamit is the second proposal, a solution that also facilitates the task of sharing files from any Android application. This can be a photograph, an audio, video clip or any other stored files, you can even send what you are seeing or reading in your web browser.


Available for Windows computers and Android devices, you just have to install both applications on the computers where you want to use it and have a Microsofot account, ready. Once you have it, you just have to select what you want to send and in a matter of seconds you will have it.

In addition, there are also extensions for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers compatible with Google browser add-ons. If you are interested, download your apps and extensions from here.

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Finally, another solution that I recently discovered and that can be interesting as long as both devices are connected to the same wireless network is Snapdrop . This is not really an application, but rather a web service that without the need for registration is able to create a connection between devices.

When you open the Snapdrop website on two devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network – sometimes the load fails – you will see that these appear on the screen with an interface similar to that of Apple’s own Airdrop. At that moment is when, clicking on the icon with the name of the device you can choose which file you are going to transfer. For example, an image, video or any other stored on the phone, tablet or computer.

Regarding security, something that always worries about this type of solutions, the transfer is done in an encrypted way and directly between devices. Even if an online service is used, there is no server use to upload the file and then download it.

The great advantage of Snapdrop is that it can be used with any device and operating system. It doesn’t matter if you use Android, Windows, Mac or iOS. The only requirement really is to have an internet connection, to be connected both devices to the same network and to have a web browser.