How to send a video from your Switch directly to the mobile

In the modern era of the 21st century, social media has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to share and showcase our accomplishments. When it comes to video games, we are eager to exhibit our achievements and share those unexpected and humorous moments that unfold during gameplay. This extends to showcasing the imaginative vehicles we can create in the latest installment of Zelda on the Nintendo Switch. We enjoy capturing and sharing these experiences with the world, inviting others to join in our gaming adventures.

Share images and videos


The Nintendo Switch, like many other consoles, initially had limited options for quickly and directly transferring screenshots and videos to a mobile device. Users were mainly restricted to sharing content on social networks or using USB drives to transfer files to a computer.

Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch now offers a method to wirelessly transfer these screenshots and videos directly to a mobile phone. However, the process can be a bit cumbersome, as it involves creating a Wi-Fi access point on the console, accessing the IP address of the device, and then downloading the selected content to the smartphone.

To simplify this process, we will guide you step by step to ensure a smooth experience. It is recommended to perform this transfer after your gaming session is complete to avoid any potential issues.

How to send a video to your smartphone

After capturing your desired video or screenshot on the Nintendo Switch, the first step is to press the Home button on the console. This will take you to the main screen. From there, locate and select the “Album” option to access the multimedia gallery.

Once you are inside the Album, you will be presented with your collection of screenshots and videos. Now, you can browse through the available content and choose the specific screenshot or video that you want to send wirelessly to your mobile device.

Pass Switch video to mobile.

Once you have selected the desired video or screenshot in the Nintendo Switch Album, it will open in full screen mode. At this point, you can proceed to press the designated button that will display a menu of various sharing options that are available to you.

Pass Switch video to mobile.

As depicted in the screen shown above, the second option available to us is to “Send to a smart device.” This feature allows us to conveniently transfer the selected content to a compatible mobile device for further use or sharing.

Pass Switch video to mobile.

Next, a screen displaying a QR code will appear on the left side. To establish a connection, we can scan this QR code using the smartphone’s camera or a dedicated scanning app. This will enable us to connect to the Wi-Fi access point created by the Nintendo Switch console.

Pass Switch video to mobile.

Once the connection is established, another QR code will appear on the right side of the screen. This QR code will direct us to the webpage containing the video we wish to transfer to our phone. After scanning it successfully, we will hear a confirmation sound, indicating that the transfer process has been initiated.

Pass Switch video to mobile.

Finally, the thumbnail of the desired video and a download indicator will appear on the screen of the smartphone, in this case, an iPhone. Once the transfer is complete, we can easily share the milestone or achievement through various channels such as WhatsApp, social networks, or any other platform where we have an active account.

This process can be repeated multiple times to access and transfer additional screenshots or videos as needed.