How to See Real-time Local Network Usage with Yale on My PC

Many users are looking to have more control over network consumption, real-time usage, or how many resources they are using. We have at our disposal different tools that provide us with this information. In this article we talk about Yale , which is an interesting software that allows us to consult the use of the network in real time. We can see how much a specific application is consuming, for example.

Having control of the network is very important

There are many devices that we can connect to our network and also many applications that each of these computers can have. This means that sometimes it is essential to have control if we do not want to suffer a loss of speed or failures that cause errors in the connection.

See Real-time Local Network Usage

It is true that current connections are more capable, that our routers can support more equipment and speed is not so affected. However, this also depends on how we connect, if we are making intensive use of the network, the number of computers using the connection at the same time, etc.

If we have a limited connection , if we are connected by Wi-Fi and the coverage is not the best, it can be very interesting to have control over what we are using. Also if our rate is limited and we do not want it to run out, for example if we are doing mobile tethering.

Yale, the tool to control network usage

It is a completely free program . Yale does not need to be installed to function. The first thing we have to do is download the file and run it. The program comes in a portable file that contains the executable and is approximately 625 KB in size when extracted. Yale runs from the system tray and its interface is a small pop-up window, which will open automatically.

Ver el consumo de Internet con Yale

Of course, to show us all the available options you have to run it in administrator mode . We simply click on the executable icon and, with the application closed, we open it with administrator permissions. Now we will see that if we click on the network card, more options will be displayed.

Ver consumo de herramientas con Yale

Keep in mind that we will not only see the use of the network , which is the main thing and what interests us in our case, but it also shows us the use of memory, CPU or disk. A series of added data that can be interesting for users.

But if we focus on the use of the network, we must indicate that it shows us the network card that we are using. This means that if we are connected by Wi-Fi it will show us the wireless card, if we are connected by cable the Ethernet card will appear.

To see all the content that it offers us, we must click on the network card that it shows us. At first we will only see consumption at that time. At the top right, next to the close button, we have the option to press and drag to the place we want on the screen.

But we also have different options . Yale opens in the Windows taskbar. If we go there we will see the application icon. Just click the right mouse button and click Options. A new window will open with different functions and characteristics that we can change.

Opciones de Yale

In short, Yale is an interesting tool that shows us the network consumption on our device. We can see how much each program is spending, graphs to analyze possible spikes, etc. It is totally free and very easy to use. An option to also detect if there is a program that is consuming resources without our knowing it. In addition, as we have seen, we will also see the consumption of the CPU, memory or hard disk. Features that may be interesting in certain cases to have greater control over everything that happens in the system.