How to Secure an Intel CPU Against Breakages by Overclocking

For quite a few generations, the manufacturer of processors Intel has offered overclock insurance for its K series processors, those that have the multiplier unlocked and, therefore, are designed to be overclocked with them. If you intend to do it but you are afraid that your processor may be damaged, here are the steps you must follow to purchase this Intel CPU overclocking insurance .

Although a processor is designed to be overclocked with it, in the end this practice carries its risks – especially if voltages are touched – and they can end up rendering the processor unusable. If you want to overclock and you are afraid that this will happen, Intel offers you insurance through which, paying a certain amount, they guarantee that if your processor breaks down by overclocking they will give you a new one.

Secure an Intel CPU Against Breakages by Overclocking

What Intel processors can be insured?

Not all processors of the brand are eligible for this insurance: only those belonging to the K and X series of the Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 ranges (this therefore excludes the Core i3, Pentium, Celeron, etc. ) of the ninth and tenth generations can do it. This therefore already excludes 8th generation Intel Core processors (Coffee Lake) and earlier.

Intel Core i7-8700K

Here is the complete list of processors eligible for this insurance, along with the amount that would have to be paid for it:

Intel Core i9-10980XE$ 29.99
Intel Core i9-10940X$ 29.99
Intel Core i9-10920X$ 29.99
Intel Core i9-10900X$ 29.99
Intel Core i9-10900K$ 19.99
Intel Core i9-10900KF$ 19.99
Intel Core i9-9900KS$ 19.99
Intel Core i9-9900KF$ 19.99
Intel Core i9-9900K$ 19.99
Intel Core i7-10700K$ 19.99
Intel Core i7-10700KF$ 19.99
Intel Core i7-9700KF$ 19.99
Intel Core i7-9700K$ 19.99
Intel Core i5-10600K$ 19.99
Intel Core i5-10600KF$ 19.99
Intel Core i5-9600KF$ 19.99
Intel Core i5-9600K$ 19.99

If your processor is not on this list, then unfortunately you will not be able to purchase Intel CPU overclocking insurance.

How to purchase Intel CPU overclocking insurance

To contract this insurance you must go to the Intel Tuning Plan website, and in the header itself you will see the section called “Buy protection plan”.

Seguro Overclock CPU Intel

Just click on it and the list of compatible processors that we have seen a moment ago will appear. Find your processor and enter the quantity, which will normally be one.

Intel seguro de overclock

At the bottom you will see a button called “Add to Cart”, add to the shopping cart, since this website works as if it were an online store where you are buying a product. Click on the button, and a message will appear saying that if you want to continue shopping or go see the cart. If you are going to see the cart, the following will appear:

Carrito seguro Intel

You must check the box that you have read the terms and conditions, but in order to make the purchase it will ask you to register. If at that time you click on Checkout, it will ask you to log in or register, although if you were already registered you can log in using the “Sign In” button at the top. This is important to associate the insurance with your person, since if you had to use the insurance, you will have to come to this same website and log in to be able to claim it.

During the process, in addition, you will be asked to register the serial number of the processor you want to insure, so that the product you insure is one and only one. This is normal, and it should be so that you do not try to “cheat” if, for example, you take out insurance and your friend’s processor breaks, since theirs would not be covered, only yours.