Search for copyright-free images on Google with this trick

One of Google’s most valuable but often overlooked features is Google Images, which can be incredibly helpful for visually resolving doubts and finding various types of images and photographs.

However, when it comes to using images, we need to be cautious about copyright restrictions. Not all images available through Google Images can be freely used. This limitation can greatly reduce the usefulness of the function.

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Fortunately, Google recognizes the importance of helping users differentiate between copyright-free images and those that require payment or permission for use. When searching for images on a specific topic, we can utilize the search options to filter the results and display only images with a Creative Commons License. This license allows for the use of the content without the need to pay, request permission, or attribute the image to the author.

To make the most of this functionality in Google Images, we first need to open the search engine and enter the desired term. Alternatively, we can directly navigate to the Google Images section. Once there, we can click on the “More” button located below the search bar.

Google image search engine

After clicking on the “More” button in Google Images, locate and click on the “Usage rights” tab. From there, select the “Creative Commons licenses” option.

Google image search engine

By choosing the Creative Commons Licenses option, Google will display only the images that are indexed with this type of license. These images can be used without any restrictions, allowing you to utilize them freely and confidently.

Google image search engine

Other options

When it comes to finding royalty-free images, Google’s image filtering function is a fast and convenient option. However, if you’re looking for images on specific themes, there are other platforms available on the internet that provide a wider range of freely usable images. Here are some recommended platforms:

Unsplash: This website offers a vast collection of copyright-free photographs covering various themes. Simply use the search box at the top to find the image that best suits your needs. Alongside the free results, Unsplash also showcases images that require payment.

Pixabay: Another platform worth exploring, Pixabay provides a diverse range of images accessible through its search box. Registration is not necessary for downloading content, but if you do register, you’ll have the option to download images in higher resolutions, which can be beneficial for creating larger-sized posters or graphics.

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RawPixel: If the previous platforms don’t have the desired image, you can try RawPixel. This website offers thousands of royalty-free photographs on various themes, as well as transparent files (.png), wallpapers, and illustrations. It provides a comprehensive search feature to help you find the right image.

PNGWing: For icons, symbols, and images with transparent backgrounds to complement other visuals, PNGWing is highly recommended. This platform does not require registration, allowing you to download all available content hassle-free.

By exploring these platforms, you can expand your options for finding high-quality, royalty-free images that suit your specific needs.