Scan QR codes before opening them and avoid viruses

QR codes can be seen everywhere. For example at a table in a bar to see the menu, next to a monument to get more information, etc. Basically it is a code that scans the mobile and takes us to a web page. Now this can be easily spoofed and pose a significant security issue. That is where this QR code scanner that we are going to talk about in this article comes into play.

Scan QR codes before opening them and avoid viruses

QR code scanner to detect threats

Through a QR code they could redirect you to a fake web page. Think, for example, that you scan a code to log into an application, bank account or enter any website. An attacker could have modified that code and redirected to another page controlled by him. In this way, it could steal your personal data or infect the system with a virus.

What REVEALQR does is analyze those QR codes in search of any danger. It will scan for any malware. It is a free website that uses VirusTotal, the popular online security tool, to detect viruses. Therefore, to start using it, the first thing you have to do is enter its website .

Once you are inside, you will see that you need to create an account to start using it. It is completely free and you will only have to enter your e-mail address and a password to be able to log in. You will have to verify the account, since they send you an email to confirm.

Analizar códigos QR con REVEALQR

From there, you simply have to log in, click on scan QR and it will automatically start analyzing it. Always, as we have mentioned, using the VirusTotal database . Once the process is finished, it will alert you if it has detected any malware.

What VirusTotal actually does is parse the URL of that code. It is the destination that we access once we scan the QR on the mobile. If it detects that this web address is malicious, that it contains malware or that it is Phishing, it will launch an alert as with any antivirus. There are many dangers in using the QR.

Tips to avoid QR attacks

We have explained how REVEALQR works, which is a simple web page that VirusTotal uses to scan QR codes. Now, what can we do to avoid being victims of attacks that use this method? It is important to take into account several recommendations, since we could see that our personal data ends up in the wrong hands, mobile viruses, password theft…

The first thing is always to have the devices safe . For this you can use security programs, such as a good antivirus, but also keep it always updated. Only then can you correct any vulnerability that appears.

In addition, it is essential that you only click on QR codes that you see safe. For example, avoid opening any code without knowing what it belongs to and downloading files that they contain. This could put your data at risk, as it could be used as bait to fall into the trap.

Therefore, QR codes can be a major security issue and you should avoid making mistakes when using them. Our advice is to always have the device protected and analyze it before opening it through tools such as REVEALQR.