How to Scan QR Codes and Documents on Xiaomi Mobiles

Formerly printers and scanners were reserved for professional offices or copy shops. Little by little, domestic printers proliferated and soon after, those that already integrated a scanner. Now it is our mobiles that are capable of digitizing documents, just as we can do in Xiaomi terminals with MIUI.

Scan QR Codes and Documents on Xiaomi Mobiles

There are many times when the PC remains off and our mobile phone can double as many of the tools it contains. One of them is the scanner function, which Xiaomi integrates as a pre-installed tool on your phones. In this way we will be able to scan documents or scan QR codes to access web pages or activate services.

How to use the Xiaomi scanner

The good news is that the Xiaomi scanner is on the same desktop , so it will not take us long to find the function or we will have to get lost in different menus to activate it. It should be borne in mind that the scanning of documents with this Xiaomi tool is far from approaching the professional scanning of a real scanner, but we can pass the procedure when we are left with no other choice or we do not need enormous quality.

escaner en xiaomi

Choose the type of scan

Once inside the application, we can see a small pop-up menu in which we can choose the type of scan. P or defect will be marked in QR code , but it is something that we can change later. We will only have to point to the code so that the detection is carried out in a matter of seconds. Subsequently, our mobile will give us the option to go to the link in question.

escaner de xiaomi

Edit result

Similarly, if we select document scanner , the viewfinder of the camera will be enlarged to cover the entire area of the document. When we have captured, the scanner will give us the option to remember the excess edges to adjust the final result and be more faithful to an original scanned document. Once trimmed to our liking we will see the scanner style in the document and we can save it on our device or share it instantly.

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Settings and tips

If this scanner is always used for a specific function, for example for document scanning itself. We can touch in the upper right to go to the options menu and change the default scanning option. In addition, the scanner allows us the possibility of activating the flashlight in the event that the light conditions are adverse, both for scanning QR codes and for documents.