Say goodbye to unwanted memories in Google Photos with this simple trick

Cloud storage platforms are the most comfortable and simple method to always have a backup copy of all our documents at hand. But, in addition, through the corresponding applications for mobile devices, it is the best way to save a copy of all the photos and videos that we take with our smartphone. Being Google who offers us the most storage space, there are many users who trust Google Photos for this task.

Google Photos, iCloud, OneDrive and Amazon Photos offer a series of additional functions that allow us to search for objects and people, Google’s solution being the most complete of all, since, in addition, it also allows us to make changes directly on the cloud without the need to use third-party tools.

Google Photos update: share photos with a few taps

Nor can we forget about a function that for many users is fantastic while for others it is the worst of all. We are talking about the Memories feature. The Google Photos Memories function reminds us through images or videos of moments from the past that coincide with the date we are on. Sometimes it is a screenshot, while on others we are talking about the photo of the shampoo label that we had to buy at Mercadona.

Presumably, over time, Google Photos will be able, thanks to artificial intelligence, to correctly identify the content of the images so as not to show notifications on our mobile of memories that really are not. In the meantime, the best we can do until then is turn off Google Memories.

Forget Google Photos Memories

Google Photos is a platform / service that is used mainly through mobile devices, so whenever we want to make any changes to its operation, it is advisable to do it from our mobile and skip the web version, a version whose number of options is so limited that it seems that it is designed to force users to use their mobile to make any change, however simple it may be.

To turn off Google Photos memories on Android, you don’t need to install any app as it is installed on all mobile devices that come on the market with Android. If it is an iPhone, if we do not have the application installed, it is the first thing we must do.

Once installed, we must click on the image that represents our account, then click on Photo Settings. Next, within the Photo Settings menu, click on Memories. Next we have two options to hide the memories:

  • Hide people and pets. By clicking on this option, all the people and pets or similar that are usually shown in the memories will be displayed. We must click on each of them to hide them from memories.
  • Hide dates . The easiest option if all we want to do is delete the Memories of a certain time is this, since it allows us to establish a period of time that Google does not use to create Memories.

Desactivar recuerdos Google Fotos

Another option to deactivate all memories is found in the main Memories menu, click on Featured Memories and uncheck the Memories grouped by dates and Thematic Memories options. By unchecking this box, Google Photos will stop creating memories based on the images we have stored on the platform. These same options can also be deactivated using a web browser through the following link by clicking on the Memories dropdown.