How to Save Battery on the DualSense with These Settings on PS5

PlayStation has always bet on including a battery integrated into its control knobs, and with the DualSense it was not going to do less. The new PS5 controller includes a slightly higher battery than its predecessors, however, its autonomy continues to be a problem for the most demanding users. So what can we do to lengthen it?

The DualSense battery

Save Battery on the DualSense

The battery that includes the DualSense is much larger than that of the DualShock 4. To be exact, a 1,560 mAh battery is included, which represents a fairly large growth compared to the 1,000 mAh of the DualShock 4. Anyway, the triggers Adaptive, the new vibration system and the built-in microphone only add more energy consumption, so in the end, we will continue to suffer moments in which we will run out of battery at the least expected moment.

PS5 Ajustes DualSensePS5 Ajustes DualSense

So, with the idea of getting a few extra hours of use, we are going to leave you with some settings that you can apply to make the DualSense consume less energy than normal.

How to save battery on the DualSense

The first thing you will have to do is get to the configuration section where you can adjust the options. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to settings
  • Select the Accessories option
  • Go to the option Controls

PS5 DualSense ajustes

Reduce the volume of the built-in speaker

PS5 Ajustes DualSense

The built-in speaker of the controller produces quite colorful and striking effects, however, if you normally play with headphones, it is normal that you have this always deactivated by default. You can reduce the intensity of the sound so that the consumption is reduced, but if you are not going to use it or you are not going to pay attention to it (beyond playing in Astro’s Playroom or some other Kojima game) it will be better to deactivate it forever .

Don’t you like the vibe? Turn it off

PS5 Ajustes DualSense

Deactivating the new vibration system is practically a crime, but the truth is that the vibration systems consume a lot of power from the gamepads. Deactivating it will considerably increase the consumption of the battery, so you will gain quite a few extra minutes of autonomy.

Adjusts the intensity level of the triggers

PS5 Ajustes DualSense

As we said, the new triggers will also be a source of battery consumption, since the gears and motors that control the pressure of the triggers will always be active to modify the pressure levels. By deactivating them, you will lose much of the PS5 experience, but you will also gain autonomy. However, you can adjust the intensity in three values to choose before turning them off completely.

Turn off those lights!

PS5 Ajustes DualSense

Since the DualShock 4, Sony has wanted to give a note of light and color in its controls, and luckily, with the DualSense it has reduced that party of LEDs that attracted so much attention in the previous control. This time we have a small LED that lights up when the control is on, and some side bands that surround the touchpad, and although they cannot be turned off completely, we can adjust their intensity in three values.

If you connect it by USB, it works by USB

PS5 Ajustes DualSense

Another interesting option that you could activate is the one that determines the operating mode when we connect the DualSense by cable. By default, if we connect the controller to the PS5 by cable, the controller will continue to work via Bluetooth. We can change this to save on charging time, so select Use USB cable to deactivate Bluetooth automatically when connected by cable.

What if I don’t want a microphone?

Another of the functions that appear activated by default in the remote is the microphone activated by default. This is something that annoys many users, as if they forget, they could be unknowingly talking via voice chat in games.

For the remote to deactivate the microphone by default as soon as you turn on the console, you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Sound
  • Microphone
  • Select Mute in the “Microphone status when connected” section.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to increase the battery of your DualSense by forcing it to consume less energy, so you will not have to be connecting it by cable to the console itself or to an external battery too frequently.