Samsung Phones: How to Use the Camera’s Scene Optimizer

Taking photos with our phones has become as simple as pressing a button. Yes, we can get complicated with the manual mode, adjusting different parameters, but the normal thing is that we trust the artificial intelligence of our mobile to take the best photographs. And if you have a Samsung , there is nothing like taking photos with its scene optimizer.

It is one of the best things that artificial intelligence has brought us to the smartphone market, its ability to always capture the best possible scene with our phone, regardless of the environment.

Optimize your photos to the maximum

Taking good photos is an art that is not available to everyone. Those of us who have not studied photography, although we may have good taste in framing, we would not be able to obtain quality photos if the camera settings were manual. Years ago, manufacturers began to tell us that the new mobiles were capable of thinking for themselves, of emulating our thinking to obtain the best results when doing different tasks. All this thanks to artificial intelligence, with which they are able to see what we see with our eyes and above all understand and recognize what it is about.

cámara del Samsung Galaxy S10

Well, Samsung mobiles have a function that takes advantage of all the power of artificial intelligence, in a kind of variant of Bixby Vision , which offers us precisely that, the recognition of any object or scene that we have in front of the camera. Well, this function of Samsung mobiles called scene optimizer offers us precisely that, the possibility that based on the scene that the phone recognizes, the camera settings are adapted to it to obtain the best possible photo.

samsung galaxy s21 camara pantalla

Basically what the Samsung camera software does is optimize different parameters of the camera . For example, adjust the color of the scene so that the objects or elements that appear in it stand out more. Something especially interesting when, for example, we photograph food, or a meadow in which we want the green to show its true essence. The difference in this mode of Samsung mobiles with respect to others from different brands is that we can activate or deactivate this functionality at any time, so that the mobile always chooses the best settings for each scene, or that it is us afterwards those that we adjust the color and other parameters of the image to our liking.

What is the optimizer capable of recognizing?

As we say, this method of photography is capable of understanding what appears in front of the rear camera, to the point of assigning each of these images a different profile, with the aim that the parameters of the photography are adjusted to that type. scene concrete. This mode is capable of recognizing up to thirty different scenes, which you can check below.

camaras samsung galaxy s21 ultra

These available modes are food, portrait, flower, indoor, animal, landscape, vegetation, tree, sky, mountain, beach, sunrise and sunset, docks, street, night, waterfall, snow, birds, backlight, text, clothing, vehicle, shoes, dog, face, drink, stage, baby, people, and cat.

camara samsung galaxy

As you can see, although you will not always find yourself in an environment in which one of these modes can be activated, the reality is that all these situations can be understood by your Samsung phone through its camera. Therefore, every time a scene of this type is detected, Samsung’s intelligent machinery will go to work in just a few tenths of a second to adapt all the parameters of the photo to those suitable for this type of photography.

How is this smart mode activated?

Well, as we say, unlike other manufacturers that these types of effects proactively add them in the automatic camera mode, in the case of Samsung mobiles within One UI it is possible to activate and deactivate them at our request.

optimizador escenas samsung

Because it may be that you have more control over the photographs you take and you do not want the mobile to be able to manipulate the camera to adapt the scenes to your liking. That is why it is possible to choose if we want this way of taking photos to be active or not. For this we must do the following:

  • Open the Samsung camera app
  • Click on the nut icon in the upper left
  • Activate the “scene optimizer” at the top
  • Once we have activated it, we return to the camera

optimizador escenas samsung

Once inside the camera interface of our Samsung, we will see a new button in the lower right part of the screen, next to the area where we normally see the shooting or focus and zoom modes. Pressing that button will activate the scene optimizer, which will start doing its job instantly.

optimizador escenas samsung

From that moment we will not have to do anything, because we will see on the screen each of the scenes that the phone recognizes, and based on which it will adapt the parameters of the scene. In this way we will know at all times if the scene that the mobile has detected is correct. However, the phone will not always get it right with its prediction of what it sees in the scene, hence it is possible to deactivate this mode whenever we want. We will only have to click again on the button of this optimizer so that it is deactivated.

optimizador escenas samsung

As long as we have it activated in the camera settings, the optimize button will always appear in the mobile camera interface. If we do not want to see that button again because we understand that it does not contribute anything or rather little, we can choose to deactivate the function again in the phone’s settings. In this way the camera interface will be displayed without it, and the photos will be taken automatically without taking into account especially the scene or photo that is being photographed. Undoubtedly a great help to take the best possible photos when necessary, and without having to touch anything at all, all thanks to the artificial intelligence of our mobile phone.