Samsung Keyboard: How to Activate the Toolbar

The keyboard of our mobile is a fundamental element of daily interaction. That we feel comfortable with our keyboard is something to take into account, so many users go to third-party applications with more options, instead of using the keyboard that their mobile offers as standard. With the passing of time and with the improvement of layers such as OneUI, the Samsung keyboard has also been improving , to the point of having everything or necessary.

samsung teclado

But as with many of the functions of our Samsung Galaxy there are options that remain more hidden than others, waiting to be detected by the user himself, although you can always discover them if you follow our site daily. The Samsung keyboard can be of further help when the user activates its toolbar, which allows quick access to many of the interaction actions that we use in messaging programs or social networks.

How to activate the “Keyboard Toolbar”

In order to activate this quick toolbar, we will have to slide a finger up or down from the home screen to access the applications screen. Now we must go to Settings and go down to the bottom of the screen, until we find the option “General Administration”. Then we touch on Language and input / On-screen keyboard / Samsung keyboard / Style and design.

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Once inside we will only have to go to the option “Keyboard toolbar” and activate the switch to the right. Now we will have available the new string of quick options that will help us better find some elements that we use daily.

Available options

In this way, we find quick options to be able to change the language of the keyboard, quickly switch between uppercase and lowercase letters. In addition, we will have shortcuts to emojis or Stickers, as well as a large repository of Gifs, compatible with the main applications. We will also have a direct access to the microphone to be able to speak the text without having to write and the input wheel that gives access to the keyboard options. All keyboard shortcuts are completed with the ability to change the font type, add or remove bold, or add italics.

barra herramientas teclado samsungbarra herramientas teclado samsung

Change order

We can also change the position of a specific icon by leaving it pressed and pressing to add or remove functions. When the toolbar is disabled, the same functions can be accessed by pressing and holding the custom key.