Samsung: How to Activate Dual Audio via Bluetooth and What it is For

There are many times when it can be very helpful to share the audio with another person . A long trip, for example, can be a good excuse to take out the headphones so that you can enjoy a movie together with another person and that the two of you can listen with your own headphones. Today we are going to see how to activate the Samsung function , which allows us to play music or other sounds from our mobile to two connected Bluetooth devices.

Samsung: How to Activate Dual Audio via Bluetooth

Little by little, our mobiles are losing the medium connection capacity of the classic 3.5mm headphone jack. This means that Bluetooth headphones are becoming more important than ever, since Samsung is one of the giants that are betting on their disappearance. Luckily we have features like Dual Audio, which solves the problem, as long as there are two pairs of Bluetooth headphones involved .

audio bluetooth dual

Share the audio

Two people sharing the same cases, but each one with a headset, has been one of the most beautiful and social pictures of our modern technology. But it was neither practical nor comfortable. For a temporary listening of seconds it could be satisfactory, but not for watching a two-hour movie or listening to music.

As we say, the dual audio function allows you to play music or other sounds from our mobile to two connected bluetooth devices . As Samsung itself warns, this function is limited to certain devices with Bluetooth 5.0 and is a hardware limitation that cannot be solved by any trick.

How to activate Dual Audio via Bluetooth

In order to activate the function, we will have to slide our finger down to access the shortcuts panel, where we must activate the Bluetooth option. Once done, we must verify that the Bluetooth headphones appear in the list of paired devices. Once in the list we will have to connect first one and then the second.

samsung audio dual

Once they are connected, we must click on the “Advanced” option and click on the “Dual Audio” option . We will only have to slide the switch to activate it. Now, the sound can be heard through the two Bluetooth headphones simultaneously.

Possible drawbacks

As we say, it is a function limited to Bluetooth 5, so mobiles with a previous standard will not be able to enjoy it. Also, playback is limited to a maximum of two devices to play audio simultaneously. Finally, some Bluetooth accessories may have different sound playback times , so use with two Bluetooth speakers is not recommended.