Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. iPhone 15: A Clash of Affordable Titans

In the world of smartphones, the battle between Samsung and Apple has raged on for years. With the recent releases of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the iPhone 15, the rivalry intensifies in the budget-friendly segment. Priced at around €900 each, these devices offer remarkable features for their cost. But which one delivers the best value for your money? Let’s break down the comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the iPhone 15.

Price Point: Samsung’s Advantage

Galaxy S24

Price is often a critical factor in choosing a smartphone, and in this regard, Samsung takes an early lead. The Galaxy S24, with its approximate €900 price tag, comes in around €50 cheaper than the iPhone 15. Additionally, Samsung devices are often more readily available on the market, making them a more accessible choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Camera Configuration: Samsung’s Triple Threat

When it comes to camera capabilities, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 stands out in the budget category. The device boasts three rear cameras, including a telephoto lens, providing versatile photography options. In contrast, the iPhone 15 offers only two rear cameras, lacking the telephoto lens found in Samsung’s offering. For photography enthusiasts, the S24 offers more flexibility and creative potential.

Display Quality: Samsung’s Brighter, Smoother Screen

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 sports a 6.2-inch display with an impressive peak brightness of 2,600 nits. The iPhone 15, while featuring a slightly smaller 6.1-inch screen, reaches 2,000 nits of brightness. Samsung takes the lead in this category, offering a brighter and more vibrant display. Moreover, the S24’s 120 Hz refresh rate provides smoother scrolling and improved responsiveness compared to the iPhone’s 60 Hz.

Performance: Processor and RAM

While direct processor comparisons can be challenging due to different manufacturers, the Galaxy S24 boasts 8 GB of RAM compared to the iPhone 15’s 6 GB. The S24’s ample RAM can enhance multitasking and overall device performance. However, Apple is known for optimizing its hardware and software integration, which can compensate for lower RAM. Processor performance will require real-world testing to determine the clear winner in this category.

Battery Life: Samsung’s Slightly Larger Capacity

In terms of battery capacity, the Galaxy S24 packs a 3,877 mAh battery, while the iPhone 15 offers a slightly larger 4,000 mAh battery. However, battery life depends on various factors, including optimization, software efficiency, and usage patterns. Real-world battery performance tests will reveal which device offers better endurance.

Galaxy S24


When comparing the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the iPhone 15 in the budget segment, Samsung appears to have the upper hand. With a lower price point, a superior camera setup, a brighter and smoother display, and additional RAM, the S24 offers excellent value for its cost. However, Apple’s optimization, processor efficiency, and iOS ecosystem may sway some users in the iPhone’s direction. Ultimately, the choice between these two budget-friendly flagship smartphones will depend on individual preferences and priorities. For those seeking affordability and impressive features, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a compelling option to consider.